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ZooPal Shoes™

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“We absolutely love these shoes for our new little walker. They have the perfect flexible soles for early walkers and the stretchy top part that will fit almost any foot. Our baby girl has wide feet and it has been impossible to find shoes, but these are stretched enough and are comfortable for her. I should also mention that they are super cute!!” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Verna Peters
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Witnessing your baby taking its first step is one of the inexplicable joys of parenthood. So, it’s no surprise that parents tend to overdo buying all types of novel and cute footwear like light-up shoes. A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), however, recommends that baby walking shoes need ample wiggle room. 

ZooPal Shoes™ masterfully integrates a sturdy anti-collision buffer into lightweight baby shoes with a sock-like design for easy wear. The premium nylon upper and slip-resistant sole grips provide comfort and security on all types of surfaces whether outdoor or indoors. Ease your little one into wholesome growth and development with snug footwear.




SNUG FIT: First-time walkers more than anything need to learn how to walk on hard ground effortlessly. These sock shoes offer a lightweight and flexible build for babies to acclimate themselves to this basic and fundamental motor skill.

ANTI SKID: As both indoor and outdoor shoes, the sock shoes have silicone rubber bottom grips to prevent accidents and injuries. Enhanced surface friction also aids in teaching balances as their toes grip the ground with each step.

IMPACT PROTECTION: Solid rubber shoe head acts as a buffer from any and all hard or soft collision. This especially comes in handy in hyperactive toddlers well in their walking stage. 

EASY WEAR: The stretchy nylon knitted upper provides easy on and off to help parents and toddlers alike. Its exclusion of velcros and laces simplifies the design minimizing irritation and squirming from babies overwhelmed by the feel of footwear.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with moisture-wicking and breathable uppers, the footwear offers premium comfort all day long. Paired with vibrant animal prints, it adds charm appealing to both parent and child. 




Health-related problems in the adolescent years are not exempted from issues that stem from childhood. For example, foot deformity, posture, and even walking concerns are among the associated with ill-fitting shoes during babyhood. Studies show that flexible footwear is important to children’s shoes to help strengthen their muscles on their own.

Confidently let your little one learn and develop their walking skills with ZooPal Shoes™’s breathable and flexible build. The shoes’ knitted upper provides ample room for the toes for painless movement despite heavy footing while the flat insole supports natural movement and balance. Start investing in your child’s health as early as possible. 




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