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Ventosa Rejuvenate™ - Cupping Therapy Massager

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“Turning a skeptic like myself into a believer delivers on its promise! Built extremely well and packaged professionally it arrived within a week of ordering it! One would not think a product like this could live up to the expectations of others who use the traditional cupping practices. Great for set treatment, place it and let it do its work. Highly recommend for self-treatment or using it on another person for treatment.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Mave Klein
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Muscle stiffness and rigidity are not limited to extensive workout routines from athletes, sitting all can have the same consequences. To that effect, booking a deep tissue massage after undergoing intense physical activity or long work hours is understandably the to-go straightforward and effective solution. Although subscribing to this service is not always instant especially if it’s needed well into the night. 

Introducing Ventosa Rejuvenate™, the professional at-home EMS device that infused the hundred-year alternative medicine that spans multiple world regions into a palm-sized technology. Deep pulse transmission is sent through the body and magnified by the skin-friendly tank steel, paired with the adjustable intensity levels. This handy acupuncturist brings the best-unexpected relief.




✅ ACUPUNCTURE TECHNOLOGY: Engineered to adhere to the Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern alternative medicine principle, this device integrated the old with the new for compact powerful pain relief. By combining cupping therapy with the Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine (EMS), muscles are strengthened and rehabilitated.

DEEP TISSUE RELAXATION: Overworked muscles and sore spots from prolonged physical activity or lack thereof make a trip to the spa massage enticing. The portable massage machine effectively increases blood flow to promote cell repair, loosen muscles, and relieve other pain points.

EASY OPERATION: The EMS device has five adjustable pulse intensity that provides suitable suction strength painlessly. Safely apply the principle of negative pressure through firm suction on the subcutaneous tissue without the use of flame as the heat, nor the need to pump the device. Simply press the button to operate the professional massager.

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Its premium silicone tank body provides a durable yet straightforward cupping therapy set, paired with stainless steel metal patch for effective and deeper pulse transmission. The skin-friendly materials help prevent irritation from frequent and or prolonged use, so everybody can enjoy the rejuvenating device.


We understand that going through chronic pain and discomfort can make you seek any kind of relief from creams to physical therapy. For others, this includes attempting traditional alternative medicine such as cupping therapy massage. Although trusted for centuries, the use of glass cups with flames does make some question the method and even fear this kind of therapeutic massage. 

Thankfully, with Ventosa Rejuvenate™, the practice of cupping therapy is safely modernized while delivering the same benefits that individuals swear by. The silicone tank body with a powerful chip for suctioning alternatively removes the need for glass cups and flames so the massage can be conducted on your own. Conveniently stimulate healing with the portable massager. 



Length: 3.66 in
Width: 1.77 in


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(2) Electric Cupping Therapy Massager


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