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Suction Automate™ (White | Silver)

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"I can look after my two-year-old while pumping milk for my little one. It frees me from sticking to the wall and suffering from pain. I disinfect them after every use, it’s easy to clean. The milk collector holds more than 6oz of milk, quite a large capacity I would say. Get this pump, ladies!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Edith Underwood
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Attempting to breastfeed for new moms is already difficult as it is since not all moms can produce enough milk they get support from manual breast pumps. While for others, lactating in a breast milk pump is uncomfortable. A recent study shows that it's common for moms to experience soreness, pain, and cramping when operating manual pumps

Suction Automate™ is a wearable electric breast pump that can efficiently and painlessly help lactating mothers produce breast milk for their infants. The hands-free device eliminates possible carpal tunnel syndrome from fatigue brought by manual breast milk pumps. It’s a one-size-fits-all machine that’s comfortable to use even for longer periods. 



WIRE-FREE: The completely cordless breast pump can be hidden in a standard nursing bra for a more discrete pumping at work or any public space. With zero attachments needed and its high capacity battery, easily pump up to 80 minutes each charge. 

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: Modeled after breastfeeding infants, the device is capable of 5 different intensity levels to help replicate the natural breastfeeding rhythm. All levels are configured to be efficient and effective in supporting lactating mothers.

QUIET DESIGN: Motor noise is kept under 50dB to create a muted sound that won’t cause any disturbance in the workplace, or wake a baby. The slight whirring sound produced by the pump seamlessly fades into ambient noise.

PREVENTIVE BACKFLOW AND LEAKAGE: Built around the breast pump is a safe seal system that prevents milk reflux while the redesigned valve has a fail-safe measure that curbs milk overflow. Both additional features help keep the breast milk free from possible contamination.   

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: All parts are made from food-grade and BPA-free materialto protect the mother and child. The suction is skin-friendly and prevents breast milk pumping fatigue.

We understand that breastfeeding in public is troublesome especially when breastfeeding stations are not always readily available. It’s also frustrating that as a new mother you can still sense the stigma around public milk expression. Studies show that only 16% of women are comfortable with breast pumping in public.

Confidently practice breast milk pumping with Suction Automate™’s concealable electric pump that mimics a breastfeeding infant for easier milk production. Paired with its anti-leak and anti-backflow design, no milk is wasted. Breast pump everywhere with the powerful, compact, and discrete device.  


Length: 5.94 in
Width: 3.15 in


(1) Electric Breast Pump
(1) User Manual
(1) USB Charger
(2) Bra Clips


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