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SubAqua Gear™

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“Bought this for my son to use on our vacation in Florida. He usually uses those big diving goggles. This is snorkeling 101! Took a little time for him to get used to breathing underwater, but the stopper at the top of the snorkel is great to not let any water in.. fits perfectly on his face, he is 9. He used it in the ocean and the pool every day. Would definitely recommend it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Penny Walter
Verified Buyer

The best part of snorkeling is seeing all the colorful variety of fishes, corals and even interacting with them. This enjoyment can easily be hampered if you’re not wearing the proper snorkeling mask, one that won’t clog up your vision. A recent study shows that fogging in the looking area of the mask is a warning sign and should always be cleared of fog. 

SubAqua Gear™ is the fully frameless snorkel mask that offers unparalleled views of the water. Its all-dry breathing tube and anti-fog technology allow you to calmly breathe underwater without the fear of inhaling saltwater. Dramatically increase vision with this ultra-comfortable snorkeling apparatus.



WIDE VIEW: The looking area of this full mask has an unobstructed 180º panoramic view that creates an immersive recreational swimming experience. Unlike a two-window design mask, this precisely frames the face.

ANTI-FOG: By integrating separate inhale and exhale channels, the airflow is restricted in the breathing area which prevents fog build-up around the field of vision. These channels also allow relaxed and natural breathing despite the full enclosure.

SAFETY SEAL: Without the proper mask, snorkeling will feel suffocating and heighten the fear of drowning. The ball at the top of the snorkel will automatically seal the air valve to stop the water from getting into the mouth. 

COMFORTABLE FIT: Each mask size is wrapped by a soft and durable silicone that acts both as a sealant and cushion for the head. Paired with the adjustable head straps, comfortably wear the mask all day. 

ACTION READY: Capture all the beautiful moments with the additional removal motion camera brackets. After use, remove the camera, fold the snorkel into the mask, and store it in the mesh bag. 

We understand that breathing underwater even with a snorkel mask can heighten our anxiety especially if we have fear of the water. To add to that, breathing with a full mask feels unnatural, almost as if you can’t breathe through your nose. Studies show that a snorkel mask should push excess carbon dioxide to avoid the toxic build-up that makes it even harder to breathe. 

Be one with the calm waves with SubAqua Gear™’s full coverage that provides an extra seal with an even greater field of vision. The redesigned mask is devised to ease breathing by creating a two-way breathing channel which also helps isolate fogging within this area. Made for family bonding, the revolutionary mask is suitable for adults and kids! 




Length: 6.7 in
Width: 5.1 in


Length: 8.7 in
Width: 5.1 in


(1) Snorkeling Mask
(1) Mesh Bag
(1) Pair of Earplugs
(1) O Ring
(1) Camera Mount Screw


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