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Spice Automate™

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“Bought this for my GF because she is tired of hand grinding fresh black peppers, and we got a lot of whole black peppers from Costco. This little life-saver is great; it’s small enough to fit on the table and does not take up much space. It uses a USB C connector to charge so it’s very convenient. I haven’t drained the battery yet but so far we have used it for a few weeks and it’s been great!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Hope Lee
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Generally, food preparation and cooking only require an hour or less of your time excluding special occasions wherein special food preparation is needed. This seemingly easy task, however, is proven to be more time-consuming and frustrating for individuals with limited mobility and dexterity. A recent study shows about 20% of the American population has a disability

Spice Automate™ retains the freshness of each spice’s aromatic molecules by enclosing it in the airtight discharge bin chamber. By replacing the manual crank with a single button, everyone can enjoy their own home-cooked meals. Precisely grind and mill spices with your desired coarseness, and let every drop build a complex flavor profile.  




ONE HAND OPERATION: Integrated into the slim body is the tactile switch that automatically grinds salt, pepper, and other spices. Refilling the mill is as easy as using it, with a clockwise turn of the bin to open, and counterclockwise to close.

✅ ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS: The grinding mechanism allows for multiple preset coarseness that’s capable of producing restaurant-quality seasoning. Paired with the red guide light during use, visibly see the chosen coarseness, eliminating over-seasoning in the dark. 

 HEARTY FLAVORS: Spices, especially peppercorns are known for the tang that deteriorates in flavor when oxygenated and moisture is introduced. So the food grade and PC material chamber ensure non-corrosive properties to help keep spices and herbs fresh.

RECHARGEABLE: Unlike other electric pepper mills, this automatic spice grinder uses a rechargeable 500 mAH lithium battery that can grind 10 grams of peppercorns with just 5 minutes of charging! For a full charge of an hour, continuously enjoy 20 minutes of operation.

GENTLE WHIRS: Great conversation in between each meal makes for an even better tasting dish as highlighted by this automatic grinder’s below conversation level noise. Its redesigned machinery produces less than 60 dB for a soft to faint whirring.  

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The kitchen aid is made with a ceramic grinding core for efficiency,  durability, and smoother grinding. The carbon black finish with transparent visual chamber upgrades kitchen countertops from rustic to contemporary themed interiors.



Cooking, an essential life skill that not everyone has quite mastered yet, is satisfying and relaxing at best. The opposite is true for those who don’t have the luxury of time to even explore and reap the benefits of learning how to cook. Studies show that Americans' work lives are becoming increasingly unpredictable which can be partly attributed to less time in the kitchen.

Comfortably work your way around the kitchen with Spice Automate™’s modern convenience that’s perfect for all home cooks and the like. From preparation to finishing touches, the seasoning tool helps on-the-go individuals to create flavorful meals with its powerful grinder that prevents jamming. Celebratory cooking flows smoothly with noise level reduction during meal preps.



Length: 6.65 in
Width: 1.89 in


(1) Automatic Spice Grinder
(1) Type-C Charging Cable
(1) User Manual


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