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Silklace Sleepwear™ - 5pc Pajama Set

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“OMG! People I bought these as a joke! I never wear this style of PJ but I wanted to recreate the Bad Moms Christmas PJ scene for my daughter who’ll be home for Christmas. They are LONG! (I'm 5' 9") They feel INCREDIBLE. I'd actually buy them again. They are so comfy!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rochelle Bates
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Only a number of individuals practice self-care albeit the act of taking time off to rejuvenate has been severely underestimated. Self-care has more than a single definition which can mean wearing suitable sleepwear and not just hand-me-down clothing. This unkempt updo can translate to a lack of personal care that directly affects how others perceive us and our degree of confidence.

Introducing Silklace Sleepwear, a five-piece luxury pajama set with delicate lace appliques sewn into the draped fittings. The matching nighttime apparel comes in sultry hues to pair with the body complementing form for a touch of confidence in comfort. This regal-like ensemble brings wholesome personal health and body care to new heights.



TAILORED LUXURY: The lace-trimmed set is tailored to skim the body accentuating curves without skin to fabric irritation. The sleep shorts, pants, robe, camisole, and nightdress all decadently drapes over the body further elevating the set into elegant sleepwear.

SNUG LOUNGING: Each set comes with five-piece sleepwear including a matching camisole and ruffled shorts for hot-sleepers and for the warmer days. Designed to create chic comfort for homebodies, this set provides presentability even on the off days. 

VERSATILE WEAR: With the delicate lace appliques, sheen to the silky fabric and deep -v neckline, this sleepwear transforms bedtime luxury into an all-day look. A simple addition of a blazer with a pair of pumps refashions the attire into a sultry evening look. 

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with a polyester rayon blend, the fabric offers breathability and sheen akin to silk but is more durable and more wrinkle resistant. Unlike the delicate silk, direct sunlight does not cause the color to fade. 



We understand that conditioning the brain to acclimate to certain conditions is exhausting especially if it’s transitioning from a lazy day into work mode. Pairing a pajama top composed of faded tees or shirts that have seen better days with trousers and a suit jacket to pass a professional occasion isn’t good enough. Though comfortable, it needs presentable finesse that looks as good as it feels. 

Thankfully, with the Silklace Sleepwear™, each article of clothing can be worn and paired with formal wear for a blend of sophisticated comfort. The draped pant sleeve and top provide ease of movement and breathability when lounging while the intricate lacing elevates the entire ensemble fit for elegant undertakings. Achieve effortless beauty even in your sleep with runway-ready sleepwear. 




(1) Robe
(1) Nightdress
(1) Camisole Top
(1) Shorts
(1) Pants


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