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Scope Probe™

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“I have had earaches for the last two weeks. I asked my husband to take a look into my ear to see if anything was wrong. I tried it the first day, and it is sooooo fun to use! I did get the wax build-up out of my ear, come to find out, it was the size of the tip of your pinky finger! My ear feels so amazing afterward. I’m happy to say I have no more issues! At least to say, This is as satisfying as pimple popping! Even my two-year-old loves it!”

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Habitually we tend to use Q-tips in the hopes of achieving perfect ear health, but over time this can cause earwax build-up. Instead of cleaning our ears, we push them deeper into the canal, resulting in blockage. A recent study shows that an estimated 1 in 3 adults have excessive cerumen or earwax, leading to cerumen removal hospital procedures annually.

Scope Probe™ is a simplistic ear wax removal device that safely cleans the ears with a micro-camera lens engineered with the highest resolution quality. Paired with the 6-led lighting, precisely illuminate the entire ear canal to remove any blockage easily. Completely revolutionize your ear care ritual with this medical-grade tool. 



STABLE VIEWING: Equipped with a 1080p high-resolution 3.99 camera, easily see the blockage or irritant and clean with the soft ear spoon. Its six-axis gyroscope adjusts to the lens angle for stabilization, making it suitable for daily ear health. 

WIFI CONNECTIVITY: The otoscope comes with built-in wifi for convenient use that simply requires connectivity through the app. It’s compatible with Android and IOS devices for seamless streaming. 

PRECISE LIGHTING: With the auxiliary illumination, clearly and safely proceed with earwax digging and or checking the ear canal, helping reduce misuse. The strong lighting is engineered to produce a constant, comfortable temperature eliminating any unbearable heat.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The compact otoscope kit has a waterproof lens and aluminum body for added durability.  Simply place inside a pouch and pocket in case of any travel, ensuring consistent healthy ears

We understand how difficult it is to clean our ears, especially when we can’t see just the ear wax we’re trying to remove. Aside from the challenge, it’s also risky to keep poking our ears since there’s a chance that we either cause earwax build-up or damage our eardrums. Studies show that earwax build-up can cause significant hearing loss

With all the risk accounted for, Scope Probe™ reinvents ear wax removal by providing visual guidance. Instead of ear irrigation that irritates, the clear real-time viewing offers a safer and more comfortable method of cleaning that does not require professional aid. Enjoy a straightforward everyday technology that eases our day-to-day lives.



Height: 4.6 in
Width: 0. 47 in


(1) Otoscope
(1) Charging Cable
(4) Sot Earpick Tips
(1) User Manual


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