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Roll Keys™ - Foldable Piano

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“I used to play the piano years ago but now live in a small apartment where I can't fit one. When a friend told me about these I knew I had to get one. It's perfect to roll out and use whenever I miss being able to play the piano. I also do occupational therapy, and with how small and portable this is I'm going to start bringing this to some of my sessions! I was definitely happy at how small it gets when stored as I have very little storage space both at home and in the therapy tote in my car.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Heidi Hale
Verified Buyer

There’s a myriad of reasons for people being drawn to music and playing instruments, specifically classical instruments like the piano. For one, having adept musical skills gives the impression that you are a cultured individual. Studies even so far show that playing the piano improves mental health.  

Roll Keys™ combines the starter 49 key set with modern musical functions to enhance the creative output and experimentation all in one handy work. The soft and tactile keys provide a natural finger rhythm akin to playing the full-sized piano. Effortlessly creating enchanting melodies anywhere.


✅ PORTABILITY: Easily bring the 49 electric keyboard piano wherever, whenever with its flexible and lightweight build. Simply roll the keyboard to fold and store the product in a duffel, backpack, tote, or any to-go bag. 

BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Integrated in the full-compact keyboard are the fundamental components of a classic piano, excluding the foot pedal. It's perfect for both newbies and on-the-go professional composers, songwriters, and the like that could benefit from the readily available keys. 


NEUROPLASTICITY: Even with the limited components, using the roll-up piano offers the same mental, intellectual and physical benefits of playing a grand piano. From simply playing or learning how to play, cognitive and motor skill development takes place.

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with premium silicone keys, the foldable piano is durably crafted. With the basic parts covered, this also has additional features for all-out performance, features include rhythm effects, learning keys, drum keys, and more. 


We understand the difficulty of looking for the right instrument to love especially considering the expenses accumulated for being fickle-minded. It is frustrating to keep buying instruments, taking lessons, only to realize it’s just not for you. A recent study shows that lack of portability is among the reasons for people to quit an instrument.

Fall in love with playing the piano with Roll Keys™’s limited space and beginner-friendly design. Conveniently bring around your foldable keys, plug in your earphones, and play even when you’re on the go. Learn what the credo practice makes permanent truly mean with its ingenious practicality.




Length: 36.7 in
Width: 8.9 in


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(1) User Manual
(1) Data Cable


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