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Replenish Gear™

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“This is just what I needed for medium-long distance (10–30 miles) trail running. I bought and sent back a couple of options before finding this. The sheer adjustability of this vest is awesome. I'm big but lean—230 pounds of muscle—which means I have some interesting contours to work with, and I can get this to fit perfectly. My iPhone 8+ in an Otterbox Defender fits in one of the front pockets (it sticks out, but it's not going anywhere) and there's ample room up front for another bottle (with a hand strap), my wallet, keys, and other small items. The rear storage is big enough for a backup bottle, headlamp, and a buff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Teddy Eldridge
Verified Buyer

For competitive athletes and even just sports enthusiasts, part of training is to ensure progress for a favorable result. However, if you only train without taking care of yourself, the results are bound to be disastrous. A recent study shows that dehydration of just 2% of your body weight leads to about a staggering 6% reduction in running performance!

Replenish Gear™ has a garment-like build to keep a snug fit, closer load, and suit every marathon, running, and cycling condition. Its streamlined comfort-forward design can feel lightweight despite carrying all the racers’ essentials. Keep yourself ahead of the game with the re-engineered hydration vest.



ERGONOMIC DESIGN: For maximum breathability, the back padding on the vest has a soft and lightweight mesh construction. Its adjustable sternum strap alleviates pressure on the back to reduce bounce while running.

MULTI-POCKETED: Easily carry marathon essentials with built-in pockets designed to fit everything from phone, keys, and change of clothes. It’s the best and most versatile companion for physical activities like cycling, backpacking, hiking, and climbing.

REFLECTIVE VEST: With simple engineering, the front and back of the vest have a reflective surface that allows enhanced visibility for safety especially during night runs. The luminous reflective strip warns drivers and motorcyclists that there’s a person ahead, reducing possible accidents.

ONE-CLICK NOZZLE: Any outdoor activity even during cold seasons is dehydrating, to ensure convenience the included water bladder is built with an effortless mechanism. The one-click connection allows quicker water intake and hydration.  

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The hydration vest is made with structural integrity from the upgraded zippers to the water-resistant fabric that can endure harsher marathon and cross country conditions. The buckles securely and tightly close producing a lightweight and trouble-free carry-on.

We understand that marathons require physical strength, and 
endurance more so during the summer heat. To add to the basics, the ability to push further despite almost little to no water intake than normal makes it all the more difficult. However, it doesn't mean dehydration should be normalized or tolerated. 

Replenish and retrieve all in one swift movement with Replenish Gear™’s ingenious vest design. The one-click technology of each buckle and water nozzle allows you to access the multiple pockets and hydrate instantly. Made as an extension of the body, the vest provides more than convenience, it’s the apex of athletic comfort wear.



Length: 5.91 in
Width: 3.94 in
Height: 7.87 in


(1) Hydration Vest
(1) 500 ml Soft Flask
(1) 2.5 L Water Bladder


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