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Relief Stance™

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"My husband and I love this kitchen mat! My back hurts if I stand in one place for too long and honestly this relieves the pressure on my body and allows me to get more done. My husband is an avid cook and enjoys the added cushioning, especially when making time-intensive meals. The mat looks like it was manufactured with care and seems dense enough to last- unlike our previous carpets that were too soft, sticky, or fuzzy!"

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Whether you're a seasoned chef, amateur cook, or the occasional foodie, prepping your food and waiting for it takes time. You could be standing for hours before you start to feel the discomfort, tiredness, and sore limbs. A recent study shows that standing for long periods is associated with a high risk for short-term problems.

Relief Stance™, regardless of the surface and your footwear quality, provides a mat with the proper thickness and durable anti-skid exterior. The premium-made rug is weaved with straightforward functionality and practicality by adding cushion support. With this anti-fatigue mat, you can finally stand with ease.




ANTI-FATIGUE: This mat is ergonomically engineered to improve circulation and posture while standing. Unlike standard rugs that generally provide cleanliness and aesthetics without any additional functions

ANTI-SLIP: With its beveled edge and anti-skid backing, it safely prevents any slipping accidents. Its extra-thick pads provide ample support without being a tripping hazard! 

EASY TO CLEAN: The PVC material is convenient to clean with its water, liquids, and oil repellant properties. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. 

NON-TOXIC: Cautious of any toxin exposures, Relief Stance™ is phthalate-free, latex-free, and odor-free. Breath better with this carefully designed product.


One of the most dreaded parts of cooking aside from preparation is cleaning the dishes, the mess on the counter, and even the rug or carpet. It is annoying to think that you spend so much time prepping, cooking, and cleaning more than actually eating. Studies show that Americans on average spend 37 minutes prepping and cleaning.

Fortunately, Relief Stance™ is not only designed to reduce fatigue but to lessen the time you spend cleaning up. The shock-absorbent mat is coated with stain repellent properties for collective protection from water, liquids, and oils. Keep your entire kitchen immaculate without unnecessary trouble. 



Length: 20 in | 20 in
Width: 63 in | 47 in


(1) Anti-Fatigue Mat


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