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ReadAloud Flashcards™ - Alphabet Soft Cards

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“These are so cute and so great for little hands. But I’m super paranoid about little pieces, especially when my daughter is still teething and she would literally just shove the cards in her mouth! So it’s such a saver that I just toss them in the washer in a delicate laundry bag or hand wash.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Clara Lucas
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Even a newborn is able to receive visual, auditory, and tactile information, but is not able to process and organize them. As they grow to be toddlers, they learn to process, organize and respond to these stimulants. So toys that can teach sensory processing are vital for children to develop cognitive and motor skills. The issue is, not all sensory and cognitive educational toys can be left alone with infants without adult supervision for a number of reasons including but not limited to parts with a choking hazard. Choosing toys that teach independent learning during times of unsupervised play is among the first challenges of parenthood.

Introducing, ReadAloud Flashcards™, a toddler and parent's best friend during early childhood educational play. The child’s sensory and memory skill is aptly challenged, and developed through the toy’s letter recognition practice. Packed with vibrant and fun colors and images, the two-sided alphabet card set showcases a letter on one side and its appropriate word and image associated on the other. Its soft material adds tactile stimulant as the child sees, grabs, and processes these letters. Whether they include the dreaded chewing of a toy, parents can rest easy with its non-toxic construction.




COGNITIVE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Toddlers can develop their cognitive skills through visual and tactile stimulation provided by the soft-clothed cards. Along with the help of parents sounding each letter auditory stimulation forms a meaningful language necessary in letter recognition.

✅ PARENT-CHILD BONDING: Play in any form including educational games such as the alphabet flashcards help add and associate joy and trust between the parents and child. Even with the brief interactive read-aloud through the cards, children learn social and behavioral cues that are otherwise absent in independent play.


It's inevitable that toddlers put everything and anything in their mouths, so it’s essential that toys at this stage of development are non-toxic. This set of educational cards aside from being non-toxic and durable is machine washable to ensure cleanliness at all times


✅ TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Easily bring and store the playset with the drawstring storage handbag. While the handbag offers storage solutions, the lightweight and palm-sized design of each card help continue learning anywhere, any time regardless of space such as in the backseat during road trips or everyday car rides. 


We understand that it’s tempting to just keep buying your children toys to keep them engaged and preoccupied while you’re busy with work or with chores around the house. At the end of a tiring day, it can be frustrating to have to deal with active toddlers who think everything is playtime and would want to include you. Spending time with your child is found to be vital in soft skills development, no matter how inconvenient and tiresome it’s perceived. Although parent-child bonding sounds like a lot of work, playtime doesn’t actually have to be physically strenuous

Thankfully with the ReadAloud Flashcards™, your toddler learns while simultaneously building an emotional bond with you. With the visually charming graphics of the cards, easily use an animated voice to liven read aloud and imitative reading. The combination of jolly colors, images, and voice help children associate positive emotions with you. Likewise, the additional auditory stimulation which strengthens sensory processing necessary for memory retention. Paired with the palm-sized card to bring educational playtime anywhere and everywhere. 


Soft Alphabet Card

Length: 7.3 in
Width: 5.9 in

Storage Handbag

Length: 5.1 in
Width: 4.2 in


(26) Soft Alphabet Cards
(1) Storage Handbag


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