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PolyGel Tech™

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"OK, I have to admit...I grow beautiful natural nails but any time I go to a nail salon, they charge me a TON of money in attempt to possibly make it look better...? I just dont think its worth the money OR time anymore. So crazy that I saw an ad on Facebook about this polygel nail set and I decided to take a leap of faith and OMG I am so happy!!! feel like I can fix chips and little cracks, and even make whole new nails if one breaks off. I haven't had any previous practice BUT on my FIRST try, they came out so beautiful! I totally recommend this kit!...Look no further :)"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Josie Neil

Verified Buyer 

A recent study shows the average price of a temporary nail gel application is $51.29 USD per nail salon visit! With PolyGel Tech™, easily create a long-lasting personalized look with multiple uses of each poly gel all WITHOUT the unnecessary expenses!

Beautiful, long and customizable nails are one poly gel away. Mix and match the craziest, and most vibrant colors in mind with PolyGel Tech™ poly gels collection. Applying your favorites is easy as placing the coats, curing your nails with the UV lamp, and there you go, nails as pretty as ever!


All-in-One Nail Salon: Lining up for expensive pampering takes too much time. PolyGel Tech™ is the bring home your nail tech kit with a complete set of UV Lamp, poly gel, slip solution, base coat, top coat, poly extension gels, flat head nail brush, and dual form pens (steel pusher and nail spatula).

Hypoallergenic: Having one-of-a-kind nails is not so easy for those allergic to acrylics and gels. With PolyGel Tech™ volatile dust is minimized making nail pampering safe for everyone to love.

Easy Application: Each PolyGel Tech™ comes with an easy to follow manual to make manicures as beginner-friendly as possible. Now, a dash of style is easier than ever.

UV Light Technology: Nail polish, gels and acrylics seem to take forever to dry. PolyGel Tech™ speeds up the process with its safe UV Light lamp. In 30 seconds, lovely done nails are ready for the world to see.

Durable: PolyGel Tech™ is made for absolute flexibility and durability to eliminate chipping nails. No more annoying uneven nails, or finding your way around the everyday task just to make sure you’ll still have complete nails by the end of the day.

Dual Lightness:  The lovechild of nail techs is no other than PolyGel Tech™. By getting rid of the bad and the ugly but retaining the good of acrylics and gel, comes a lightweight and lightly fragrant addition to nail pampering for a relaxing day. 

Rebalancing Features: That inch of uneven nails or slightly thicker application of base coats can get irritating. PolyGel Tech™ is adjustable to allow any necessary adjustments for better-looking and better-sculpted nails. 

Vibrant Variants: Plain and neutral colors aren’t for everyone. Anyone can bring out their inner child and wilder side with PolyGel Tech™, it comes with a wide range of variants from neons to temperature and more!

Imagine a single kit with all you'll ever need to be your own nail tech at your convenience. Picture your nails as a blank canvas, full of every imaginable customized design. PolyGel Tech™ is a portable pampering made safe and easy

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For Kit Bundle

(1) UV Light Lamp
(1) Steel Pusher
(1) Flat Head Nail Brush
(1) Nail Extension Gel Set
(1) 30 ml Slip Solution
(1) 8 ml Base Coat
(1) 15 ml Top Coat
(1) 15 ml Clear PolyGel Nail Gel 
(6-7) 15 ml Polygel Nail Gel of Chosen Style

For PolyGel Only

(6-7) 15 ml Polygel Nail Gel of Chosen Style


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