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Plush Paradise™

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“This was the perfect last touch to a home spa that covers my neck and upper back. Super comfortable. But you do have to hang it up to dry. Do not leave affixed to the tub. I checked it the next morning, and it was not dry. Follow the instructions and ENJOY!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cleo Aylett
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Everybody has their ideal downtime. For some, it’s laid-back binge-watching on series, while others like a private hot bubble bath. The only problem with relaxing in a bathtub is that the tub itself isn’t built for cozy sitting. A recent study shows that a bath can provide physical comfort, contentment and ease the blues associated with chronic pain.

Plush Paradise™ is a bath pillow that transforms the standard bathtub into a delightful experience. Built to fuse luxury craftsmanship and comfort-driven support, it’s the perfect addition to your go-to little slice of heaven. With this bath pillow, you can finally submerge in solace



PREMIUM DESIGN: Common bath pillows provide just head and neck support. Its ergonomically designed pad delivers comfort for the entire upper body.

BREATHABLE MESH: The breathable mesh cover offers better water and air permeability, providing an extended period of relaxation. This also allows quick drying and avoids water from settling into a pillow. 

NON-SLIP: More than comfort, safety is also integrated into the design by utilizing suction cups to keep it in place. The cushioning and suction cups allow it to fit any type of tub, spa, or jacuzzi. 

BUILT-IN DRYING HOOK: The little hook detail provides a key benefit of helping reduce mold build-up with this feature; it’s now easier to dry the pillow in a well-ventilated environment.  

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: It’s suitable for any shaped bathtub from soaking tub, round or square tub, straight back tub, jacuzzi, claw-foot tub, and bathtub with jets. The lightweight design also allows every woman to have their downtime anywhere.

Long hours staring at the computer or just the mere thought of being stuck at home month after month is exhausting. So you often look forward to that nice warm bubble bath, but it’s not always the most comfortable experience— the tub’s hard surface outweighs the possible hour-long relaxation.

Fortunately, Plush Paradise™ provides a snug and lavish unwinding by crafting a functional pillow that will allow you to stay in the bath like a boss. The breathable mesh design with the non-slip suction just draws you in good time. Rest your eyes, play your music and let the water heal you. 




Height: 13.90 in
Width: 13.77 in


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