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Pedi Repair™

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"This is the best one I have bought! And I have had quite a few. I don’t like going to salons. It’s easier to do things on my own I love the display, I love the power adjustment, and I love how I don’t need batteries! I usually will get one of these, forget to buy batteries, and then lose it before I get to buy batteries! Repeat customer for life!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lany Mosley
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Often wearing closed shoe create friction between our feet and our footwear which then inevitably results in calluses. Ignoring the continued formation of calluses can cause us extreme discomfort. A recent study shows large calluses can cause foot pain and difficulty walking.

Pedi Repair™ effortlessly glides through the stubborn calluses to uncover healthy skin with its pressure-sensitive technology. Its replaceable professional foot scrub gently ensures only the painful dead skin is removed. This electric foot file restores the balance of softness and protective barriers of our skin.



DELICATE FEET: It effectively solves bacteria growing in the gaps and protects the feet’ health. Easily choose the suitable grinding head according to the skin to care to restore delicate and smooth skin.

PRESSURE-SENSITIVE: Unlike ordinary pumice, electric callus removers gently exfoliates. The two-speed settings and pressure-sensitive technology will protect skin from irritation: 1700 RPM is perfect for mild exfoliate, while the 2000 RPM is for hard-to-remove calluses.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE: With its masterfully designed body, the foot file is comfortable and easy to hold, giving the best possible control. Plus, the design removes the chores out of manual filling. 

PORTABLE: Skincare from head to toe is made more convenient with its lightweight construction. Simply tuck away the device in a pouch for an easily accessible self-care tool.

WATERPROOF: For hygienic purposes, each grinding head can be removed and washed. The body is also IPX7 waterproof for added safety in case it gets wet while in use.

EASY TO USE: The compact technology ensures effortless usage every single time. Pedi Repair™ has a one-button disassembly for efficient usage.

Regular foot scrub using pumice could damage the skin’s protective layer instead of just the dead and thick calluses. When used frequently, the rough grinders can cause more harm than good and may even worsen your discomfort. The same goes if you use foot files aggressively and constantly without the help of a professional

Luckily, with Pedi Repair™’s innovative technology, safety and functionality are ensured. The delicate grinders that adapt to your feet’ sensitivity to pain will leave your feet baby soft painlessly. So if you suffer from chronic calluses that impede your daily life, this electric callus remover reduces the pain and struggle of walking.



Height: 7 in
Width: 2 in


(1) Electric Callus Remover
(1) Power Cord
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Fine Grinding Head
(1) Medium Grinding Head
(1) Rough Grinding Head
(1) Instruction Manual


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