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Peaceful Haven™

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“Oh my god! Where to start? Okay, so this hammock is so easy to hang up! Like I hang it up in two minutes. It fits my roommate and me in any position sitting down doing homework or lying down talking about life while having it closed to avoid the sun( that’s how much space). It is fresh, so it isn’t like disgusting laying in your own sweat thing, so easy to put back in that small and convenient pouch! I love it!!! If I could give it like a million stars, I would! If I could also control Virginia’s weather and make it hot to be in the hammock every day, I would do that too.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Ruth Maybach
Verified Buyer 

Spending time in the great outdoors hiking and camping is not for everybody. One thing is sure, we prefer undisturbed “me-time” in our favorite place, whether it’s out in the yard or up the mountains. A recent study shows that people who spend at least 2-3 hours outdoors or in other natural settings report a 20% increase in overall happiness and satisfaction. 

Each Peaceful Haven™ is an all-in-one hammock complete with woven UV protection and insect repellant mesh for a slow and steady day outdoors with its modest practicality and enduring craftsmanship. Its engineered foldable structure makes packing twice as faster and convenient. With or without camping knowledge, you can now relax and let nature do the rest. 



DUAL PROTECTION: The hammock combines built-in mosquito and UV protection with its breathable parachute fabric and mosquito mesh net. It’s seamlessly integrated into the bottom of the hammock for a one-step activation!

POCKET-LINING: No more bringing around several organization bags for camping essentials. Sewn on the side of the hammock is extra storage and organization, perfect for phones, keys, and other small items.

DRAWSTRING DESIGN: Peaceful Haven™ forms into a compact portable replacement for tent, sleeping pad, ground mat, swing, cradle, etc., with its foldable structure. This eliminates the troublesome packing or carrying of heavy-duty hammocks.

DURABLE: Anti-fraying construction of hammocks is crucial in providing durability and safety. Made from the highest quality weather-resistant 210T nylon, this can hold up to 200kg. 

EASY TO USE: The hammock comes in two D-type carabiners and 10-knob adjustable loops for the most straightforward set-up. With this, quickly achieve the ideal height, comfort, and gentle adjustments to prevent damaging the trees.


We understand how frustrating it is to set up hammocks with so many rods and cords that require several complicated assembly. Its different mosquito net or lack thereof, countless ropes for installation, and the workout just needed to fold it is too troublesome—no wonder why not everyone enjoys a weekend outdoors.

Peaceful Haven™ provides the fundamentals of joyful listlessness with its convenience and comfort. Everything is done with ease, from the structured hammock that combines ingenious side pockets, quick setup and disassembly, and secure ropes. Surely, relaxation should begin from the get-go instead of wrangling our way to peace. 



Height: 55 in
Width: 114 in


(1) Hammock with Mosquito Net
(1) Storage Bag
(2) Tree Straps
(2) Carabineers


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