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Patch Couture™

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“These jeans are SUPER cute and they fit perfectly!!! The waistband conforms to your shape so no belt is needed. The stretch is good enough to be comfortable… will order more for my sister haha.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Tabetha Childs
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Fast fashion and retail therapy have gotten women on shopping sprees. Choosing quantity over quality fills our closet without realizing we only need a couple of staple pieces like a good pair of jeans. A recent study shows that American women on average own at least seven pairs of jeans but only wear four

Patch Couture™ combines vintage denim wear with tailored fit craftsmanship creating a wardrobe essential to last for years. The mix of texture and color adds enough contrast for an effortlessly fashionable look. Pair it with any and all of your comfort wear and still look as if you’re runway ready


✅ STREAMLINED CUT: The high-rise jeans accentuate the waist and elongate the legs while the semi-loose cut balances the body figure. Comfortably create an hourglass shape, and top with a cropped top or tuck-ins for a fashion match made in heaven. 

SENSIBLE DESIGN: More than aesthetic these jeans offer a functional build through their lined front and back pockets. Belt loops are also included to provide a better fit for those with a smaller waist than the standard sizing. 

TIMELESS IN-FASHION: The nostalgic denim trend made its debut in the 70s as simply a way to upcycle and recycle fabric but the frayed and scruffed patching had been reborn in Y2K fashion and now in the 2020s. Its casual chic mode makes it a perfect staple piece that isn’t short-lived.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with poly-spandex fabric, the fabric is more breathable and lightweight compared to 100% denim jeans. Its durable construction provides day-to-day flexibility from casual dates to weekend lounging. 


Often times the biggest hassle of purchasing jeans is actually matching your preferred style with the fit. It is frustrating to find a pair with the exact cut whether it’s straight cut or boot cut only to find a problem it just doesn't fit your body. Recent studies show that a sign that the jeans actually fit you is if the waistband “kisses” your waist.

With Patch Couture™, comfortably be in fashion without having to hide your beautiful body. The waistband is snug and secure on your waist while providing ample space for leg movement through the semi-loose length. The simple yet thoughtful addition of functional pockets helps elevate it as a premium everyday apparel.




(1) Patchwork Jeans


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