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Paradise Shower™

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“This shower head I ordered a few days ago. It came in late last night. I installed it this morning and took a shower. Oh my lord, this thing feels amazing and my skin feels really good after it. The shower head comes with filters to help clear out some of the hard water chemicals in it and I can feel the difference. Hands down, I would buy this again.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rebecca Stephens
Verified Buyer

Good hygiene building includes a proper, comfortable and occasional shower. The reason for frequent showers, aside from being a time of rest, is that standard showers don’t always get rid of bacteria and pollutants in your body. That’s why a recent study shows that 1 in 10 people shower twice a day.

Paradise Shower™ has micro nozzle technology that work in conjunction with the aerated shower head for a water saving and massage-like experience. The colored propeller with the stainless steel finish elevates the humble bathroom interiors. Make functional durability an everyday standard.




✅ Propeller Driven Design: Pressurized water flow through the turbocharged fan helps quicken the hair and body washing process. The one-stop button deactivates the powerful jet mode to utilize the gentle shower setting that’s ideal for supple facial skin.

✅ Aerating Shower Head: Water conservation is done by mixing the regulated water with air replicating a normal shower head stream. Though it appears as the water is coming in a higher volume, less water is used by integrating the green technology.


Filtration System: The PP cotton within the shower head effectively reduces residual impurities in the shower water. With fewer water impurities, the water is softened which is beneficial for healthier skin, and hair

Easy to Use: This plumber-free installation shower head, is compact and handheld in size for easy usage. The shower head adopts a G1/2 international standard interface, suitable for most attachment arms, hoses, and brackets.


Premium Construction: Made for durability and elegant finish, the head is made with stainless steel panel with ABS material. Its 360º degree rotation design improves shower coverage. 



We understand how annoying it is to rinse your hair while simultaneously cleaning your body especially with a low-pressure shower. So, people spend more time in the shower trying to achieve the squeaky clean feel, which actually has the opposite effect. Studies show that many people lose the feeling of freshness quickly after showering and feel itchy or dry because they often spend too much time in the shower.

Experience the clean difference that a simple yet clever technological innovation does with Paradise Shower™. The turbocharged fan paired with the addition of a self-filtration system cuts down the time needed to spend in the shower. Its dense and aerated water flow leaves the body feeling divine.




Length: 3.14 in
Width: 9.05 in


(1) Shower Head
(1) PP Cotton Water Filter



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