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One Mount™

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"This is a great little gadget. It holds my phone in place and doesn't shake or vibrate while I'm trying to read the screen. In my car, the placement of the cupholders isn't ideal for this (probably too close to the driver, meaning you have to look down to see your phone instead of looking straight ahead. I am very impressed with how solidly built this device is and worth the price. Now I have a place to mount my phone when I'm using Google Maps. I'm glad I bought this."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Caitlin Brooke
Verified Buyer

Keeping our eyes on the road is a matter of life and death, but sometimes we just can’t help but check our phones even for a second. So without an accessible phone mount, the chances of road-related accidents are increased. A recent study that a secure phone mount can indeed reduce the risk of using our phones while driving. 

One Mount™ has an extendable base to sturdily hold the car mount holder throughout the drive, no matter the terrain. By simply engineering a car mount that conforms to your car cup holder, answering calls is within arms reach and are at a safer angle. 


STURDY HOLDER: Suction and cup adhesive mounts are essentially a slip and slide with a magnet for accidents. The extendable base firmly and securely fits in standard-size cups to prevent any phone dropping while on the road.

ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE: The reliable, stable viewing environment is ideal for GPS navigation or video calls with its 360° rotation. Plus, its flexible gooseneck provides closer proximity access to phones to remove any awkward positioning.


VERSATILE: Unlike magnetic mounts, this phone cup holder needs no additional accessory or binding material. Easily insert the phone in between the clamps with a single press of a button. 

HASSLE-FREE CHARGING: The bottom of the holder pad has a reserved space to provide accessible charging. This reduces the distractions that the phone’s low battery notification can cause.

SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Vent phone holders blow hot air directly on the phone and could potentially cause overheating. With One Mount™’s construction, overheating is prevented by repositioning the phone mount to the cup holder.


We understand the hassle of finding a suitable phone mount, especially with the unreliability and flimsiness of suction cups and magnetic caps. Restricted view of our notifications from poorly built phone mounts only adds to immediate distraction that can potentially cost us our lives. A recent study shows that every day eight people are killed in the U.S because of distracted driving.

Fortunately, the durable engineering of One Mount™ makes this the single mount choice for a lifetime of convenience. Every inch of the revolutionary car mount is precisely designed to ensure safety and ease of driving. With One Mount™, get to your destination safe and sound




Height: 10 in
Width: 2 in
Width with the extended base: 4 in 


(1) Phone Car Mount


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