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Nursing Elevate™

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“This was a nursing game changer. This does it all and folds up nicely to fit below my stroller. It's flexible based on the type of chair/couch you're on and does not slide off your leg now that the baby is older I'm even able to get into other nursing positions with this pillow's help. I'm more confident in being able to nurse in public because I know I'll be able to make something work wherever I am.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Wanda Martin
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Proper breastfeeding includes a comfortable position while ensuring their newborn is able to latch securely. However, mastering the art of nursing does involve trial and error in discovering what works. A recent study shows that 92% of new mothers have problems breastfeeding like getting the baby to latch on to their breast.

Nursing Elevate™ is engineered and masterfully designed to lactate comfortably in any given angle elevation. Its tri-layered structure supports mothers of all body shapes and even height, easing their breastfeeding troubles. An ergonomic nursing pillow makes all the difference in the daunting task of motherhood.


✅ POSITION SUPPORT: The pillow adjusts to the infant’s development stage to achieve the optimal height accordingly for breastfeeding. Multiple elevations help soothe a baby experiencing acid reflux, while also alleviating a mother’s nursing discomfort.

✅ NATAL STAGE VERSATILITY: Made for functionality, the pillow acts as a snug companion in the different natal stages. As a prenatal aid, it’s best used as a sleeping pillow and footpad, and for the postnatal stage, it's the nursing pillow to beat.

COMPACT CARRY: The silk ribbon attachment safely holds the three-layered pillow for trouble-free traveling with infants. Discreetly fold, secure and attach it on a go-to stroller, carry-on bag, or simply place it on the trunk. 

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: To avoid any bacteria build-up, the nursing essential is machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low setting. PP cotton filling adds a layer of cushioning and security while ensuring a lightweight pillow.  


For new mothers and the like, the ability to distinguish the different meanings of your little one’s cry is a definite learning curve. Over time you begin to see that cries after breastfeeding probably means a diaper change, but sometimes irritability after eating is a sign of reflux. Studies show that about 70 to 80% of infants have daily regurgitation.

Gently boost your baby into an upright position when breastfeeding with Nursing Elevate™’s multiple position support. Its flat and wide surface allows cradle, cross-cradle, or clutch hold to calm an infant and solve arm, back, and waist ache. Effortlessly navigate the prenatal and postnatal stages with the premium childrearing companion.



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