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Nasal Nanny™

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“This is a great tool to have! Very easy to use, soft on the baby’s nose and barely makes any noise so it doesn’t scare her! She actually enjoys it!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 It also has a soft light which is also very helpful! Overall we love this product and would definitely recommend it!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Tonya Montgomery 
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A baby’s cries from discomfort are always worrisome whether you’re an expecting mother, a mother to a newborn or an overall experienced parent. Their relatively weaker immune system makes them prone to simple coughs and colds that result in discomfort.  A recent study shows that baby congestion is usually harmless, but it can cause a stuffy nose and noisy or rapid breathing.

Nasal Nanny™ advances one-mode suction of air pump aspirator, and builds on the ergonomic banana-shaped electric aspirator to create a novel upgrade with enhanced effectivity, comfort, and safety. Gently remove soft and hard-formed snots through multi-suction modes accompanied by comfort fit tips. Effortlessly soothe your bundle of joy with a medical-grade at-home device.



✅ ONE-TOUCH OPERATION: This electric nasal aspirator thoroughly alleviates clogged nose without the exhaustive pumping of a suction bulb especially for hard-to-remove blockages. Simply choose from the three suction modes and turn on the LED guide light for effective snot removal. 

TAILORED COMFORT: Easing congestion in different stages of development requires an adaptable aspirator design that can smoothly and comfortably fit through the nostrils. Each of the interchangeable soft and food-grade silicone nozzles is made for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

HUSHED SOUND: The premium motor construction provides low noise best for the night and or nap time de-congestion. In this regard, babies are not only able to breathe better but sleep well, too without the alarming motor whirring that can jolt them awake. 

✅ EASY TO CLEAN: Habitually check and clean the aspirator to prevent bacteria and mold build-up. The detachable accessories streamline the process, so the parts that come in contact with the baby can be rinsed directly under the tap or washed in hot water after every use.

REFINED NASAL DESIGN: This upgraded electric aspirator incorporates the benefits of the two main suction designs while refining the rest. With this aspirator, the separated storage tank blocks backflow that causes bacteria formation, and the L-shaped build prevents nose poking when the hand is hit.

Even for us adults, a clogged nose is already irritating and maddening, what more for our little ones. It is unsettling as parents to hear our baby cry their hearts out because of troubled sleep because we can’t relieve their distress. Recent studies show that 
neonates may be obligate nasal breathers until they are at least 2 months old, which can cause severe distress quickly.

Let your little one have a peaceful slumber with Nasal Nanny™’s comfort-forward construction. The LED guide light and interchangeable nozzles paired with low noise build gently remove nasal blockages without causing irritation that could wake a sleeping child. Now, every parent can rest easy knowing they can help ease distress with a reliable 
CE/RoHS-approved nasal aspirator.



Length: 6.69 in
Width (Top): 6.69 in
Width (Base): 1.77 in


(1) Electric Nasal Suction Device
(1) Gourd-Shaped Nozzle
(1) Gourd-Shaped Oblique Mouth Nozzle
(1) Funnel-Shaped Nozzle
(1) Funnel-Shaped Oblique Mouth Nozzle
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Cover
(1) Silicone Gasket
(1) Storage Tank


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