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Mindful Posture™ - Smart Posture Corrector

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“I really had a good experience with this product. I needed something to remind my seven-year-old to sit up straight. It went off every time he bent over or leaned too forward…But it definitely worked in helping him at least stand a little taller. Really glad I purchased it!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Geneva Mack
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Compared to generations before, today’s children find themselves spending more time in front of the screen either for leisurely activities or for educational purposes. An increase in screen time can, however, result in Text Neck Syndrome or the protruded neck and hunchback posture if postural awareness is not taught among children. The downsides of a traditional posture brace are its off-putting abrasiveness when worn. Rectifying posture involves more than a constant reminder, it also includes having a corrective device that provides wearable comfort.

Introducing Mindful Posture™, a compact posture correcting tool that’s safe for all ages. The device is calibrated to recognize even the slight angle tilt to automatically remind children through the low vibration emitted by its body, and keep them in the optimum position. Unlike other chip-powered correctors, the heart of this posture corrector is supported by a collar to evenly place it in between the shoulder blade without constant slippage from adhesive smart posture correctors. Developing a healthy lifestyle can now start as early as childhood. 




NATURAL MUSCLE ACTIVATION: Using traditional posture braces can result in spinal atrophy as its structure constantly support the spine at a certain position. By removing the caving structure, this device simply lets the postural muscles rectify themselves whenever the wearer adjusts to the proper position

SAFE AND LOW-RISK TECHNOLOGY: Wearable technology is often met with skepticism and worry, which include smart posture correctors. To pacify the qualms of parents, the compact posture corrector only emits a low vibration as a gentle reminder to remain at the optimum 15º angle sitting position automatically.

COMFORT-FORWARD DESIGN: The ergonomic design eliminates the belt shape crossbody posture correctors that cause additional discomfort when breaking habitual slouching. Constructed with food-grade silicone, this prevents skin cuts from abrasive fabrics commonly used in old-school posture correction.   

BUILT FOR THE LONG RUN: Habit-forming health and wellness technology shares the advantage of durable design. For children having difficulty breaking old habits, consistency is of utmost importance, so this device is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries to help build spinal and muscular health. 


We understand that part of growing up includes having the desire to belong, so children evidently are adamant to wear highly visible corrective tools such as a teeth brace and posture brace. Because children avoid using traditional posture correctors, developing a hunchback is not too far off, which can lead to lower self-esteem, a similar problem that revolves around approval from peers. Along with confidence issues, health is also salient given that these tools that children tend to avoid are needed for physical well-being.

Thankfully with Mindful Posture™, the inconspicuous necklace-shaped tool encourages children to wear it even around their peers. Without the stifling structural design of traditional posture braces, correcting postural problems becomes bearable over time. Removing the crossbody structure improves comfort without worrying about the pain caused by commonly used cloth-like fabric in braces.  Simple movement like turning around is no longer met with friction burns. Building confidence among children begins with keeping their heads high. 



Length: 6.57 in
Width: 5.39 in


(1) Smart Posture Corrector
(1) Type- C Charging Cable


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