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Microblade Pen™

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"This product works great and does exactly what it says - I have very light and sparse eyebrow hair, this made all the difference! I manage a staff of 48 people, and almost every single person including the men that work for me have complimented my eyebrows! Everyone thought I had micro blading done. Thank you for a great product, I'll never use anything else again!🙌"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Stacy Attenborough
Verified Buyer

A recent study shows that 1 in 5 women use eyebrow fillers every day. Sweetie, we understand why not all women find the beauty of brow fillers, especially for those new in the make-up game but we do our best to highlight the biggest benefit for brow pens, gels, and/or fillers.

Experience a gorgeous brow treatment with the final touches of Microblade Pen™. The graceful simplicity of make-up that accentuates the face comes in one natural stroke. Better Brows™, embracing intrinsic beauty.


Fork-Tip Pen Design: Worse than unfilled brows are overdoing brows so much so that natural brows are covered by an upside-down Nike logo.Microblade Pen™’s fork-tip design helps enhance and blends with eyebrow hair ensuring well-definedbrows that beautifully frame all face shapes.

✅ Water-Resistant: Infused with long-lasting ingredients, ourMicroblade Penprevent smudging or fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports. Plus the waterproof feature is perfect for oily skin types for all-day perfect brows.

✅ Quick Application and Removal: Make-up routines take time and removing them is even longer but with Better Brows™ less time is spent in beautification.Beginners and professionals will find drawing their brows and even an easier time removing it with make-up removers and or oil cleansers

✅ Buildable Beauty: Microblade Pen™ is the one step above on-point brows.This brow pen can be paired with an adjustable brow shaper for fuller and cleaner finis- it’s the cherry on top of a great brow shaper!  

Premium Colors:Keeping diversity in mind, Microblade Pen™ has several skin tone variants to ensure that each brow is the best fit for everyone's skin and hair color. It’s nothing short of precision

Imagine watching every single YouTube tutorial on how to create the perfect brows. Only be recommended generic drug-store make-up or even an expensive brow pen that doesn’t even match your skin color.

We understand the frustration of mismatched and pricey make-ups especially when you’re only a beginner.  Thankfully with Microblade Pen™, anyone and everyone can achieve their brow goals most easily and naturally possible. 

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