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Magic Cable

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Charge your devices with style and ease with these Magic Cables. Convert every space in your life from a messy, tangled disaster to an elegantyet organized set of premium cables.

The Magic Cable is truly one of a kind... organizing your cables has never been more addictive or simpler.

Just simply coil your cable to any size, plug it in and enjoy fast charging while your cable remains neat and tidy. With its simple to use and ingenious design, you can even get fancy and coil it to multiple shapes that suit your charging needs.

Protective Silicone Tubing: All of our Magic Cables are layered with silicone tubing to provide a soft yet firm protective coating ensuring flexibility and long lifespan.

Rotatable Magnets: Each magnet is capable of spinning freely allowing for a quick and secure method of contact to one another giving it the ability to easily form different shapes.

Reinforced Cable Ends: This Magic Cable has built-in rigid supporton both ends to protect the most vulnerable part of your cable from the constant twisting and turning motions during its lifetime. 

Multisize Coiling: Our cables are specifically engineered to be able to form multiple sized coils with their precisely spaced magnets. You can even create your own unique shape to suit your styling needs. 

Addictive Fidget: Keep yourself busy and focused with the satisfying sound of the repeated magnet snapping. Not only are they useful for charging, but they prove to be a fun activity to keep you engaged.

Are you TIRED of constantly untangling your charging cables just to give your device a simple boost? Do you have to readjust neighboring wires ALL the time because of the cluttered mess the traditional wires end up in? Are YOU aware of the trip hazards a long, unsecured wire can create, compromising the safety of you and your loved ones? Well, these Magic Cables are the perfect solution for you!

NEVER experience those frustrating problems again. Not only are they fun to use and great for storage, they also prove to be ideal for traveling purposes. With these Magic Cables, you'll be getting a lot of attention so get ready to share a wonderful experience with your friends and family from a simple yet interesting charging cable!

At Fashion Proera™, we truly believe in the quality of our products so we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked! There is absolutely ZERO risk for you!

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