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Hair Tamer™

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“OK, this brush is MY FAVE. I went natural 2 years ago and I would have a lot of hair in my brush, it was worrisome. I was used to losing hair until I found Hair Tamer™. I’ve been using this brush for two weeks now, not a single hair left in the shower. LITERALLY. Plus my curls are still defined! You're all OG’s. Thank you so much!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ma’Betta Belkis
Verified Buyer
“So I have a testimony. Royalty is the most tender-headed kid in the world. She would cry before u even touch her head.. professionals gave up on doing her hair. But I found a detangling brush on Fashion Proera. I thought it wouldn't work for people with thick hair. BOY I tell you I was able to comb through royalty's whole head without her shedding one tear. I recommend everyone who has a child or even for your hair to buy Hair Tamer™ detangling brush.. it works wonders. Thank you, Lord for leading me to this life-saving brush! “
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - TaRessa Williams
 Verified Buyer

The greatest gift you could give yourself is acceptance. You know what’s so hard to love sometimes? Your hair. The everyday struggle of having a great hair day. Pssh, not anymore!

Hair Tamer™ offers a worry-free detangling for all types of hair. From the gentle tips, firm handles, and precise design, every distinctive hairstyle is brought to the spotlight.

Revamp your untamed hair into a silky fresh new look. With simple brush strokes, easily, painlessly, and effortlessly detangle your hair. 


✅ Versatile: Each Hair Tamer™ is designed with inclusivity in mind. Hair Tamer™ caters to ALL hairstyles. A wide surface area for the brush ensures that all strands are evenly brushed. The bristles' construction also has the versatile ability to straighten or define curls.

✅ Minimizes Breakage: Hair Tamer™ is made with soft yet firm nylon bristles, perfect for BOTH wet and dry hair. No more breakage during the most fragile conditions of hair.

✅ Easy Glide Technology: Hair brushing doesn’t need to take more than an hour. With easy glide technology, difficult knots won’t be dragged and caught by the hair bristles. Detangling will always be the most efficient part of anyone’s daily routine with Hair Tamer™.

✅ Heat-Free: Hair Tamer™ removes the need for a hairdryer or a straightener. Each part of the brush is constructed to replicate the benefits of any other electrical hand-held hair equipment. With a simple swish and swosh with this brush, salon-perfect hair in the morning is always within reach.

✅ Curved and Vented Design: With Hair Tamer™, every moment is a hair massage day. The curved and vented design is the perfect contour for all head shapes. The brush gently caresses hair from the scalp to the tips. Hair Tamer™ is made to be the ideal pain-free brush.

✅ Ergonomic Handle: Hair Tamer™ is precisely cut so that every hand that holds it is the right fit. Conquering the toughest knots is easier than expected. With Hair Tamer™s non-slip rubber handle, there would be absolutely no slippage.

recent study showed that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair, and that’s something that has to change. Sweetie, we want you to know that you’re stunning as you are. Whether you fall within the 68% or 32% who already knows their worth, we know what could make you smile

Do you remember that feeling when you just got your hair done? When you looked into the mirror and all you could see is this stunner right in front of you. Jokes on them, you’ve always been a head-turner, darling. Hair Tamer™ would make sure your hair is salon-perfect, every waking day. Hair Tamer™, now you can say, “I woke up like this.”

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