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Grafting Ace™

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“As a beginning gardener, I figured I needed all the help I could get! I read the great reviews and thought why not try it. The scion and rootstock make a perfect match!! thus increasing a successful union of the two. I specialize in Japanese maples and this tool along with increasing skill has added many new maple cultivars for our nursery...Highly recommend!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Gene Fowler
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A recent study shows that on average pruners and shears cause 6,500 gardening-related injuries each year. Darling, gardening should be all about rest and relaxation, not cuts and bruises.

Grafting Ace™ not only reduces the time spent in grafting and pruning, but it also provides top-notch security and safety features. Grafting Ace™, nothing short of excellence. 


✅ Higher plant survival: Proper plant grafting would resort to optimum growth and bloom. Cuts made by Grafting Ace™ will fit together perfectly for maximum cambium contact, significantly improving the survival rate of plants.

Multi-functional: Bringing around multiple grafting tools can be cumbersome. With Grafting Ace™’s 2-in-1 pruning and grafting kit, trimming excess leaves and high-precision cutting is simply wonderful. 

Switchable Blades: Typical box cutters mean a more tedious method of grafting. Grafting Ace™ comes with 3 types of blades: V-shape blade, Ω-shape blade, and U-shape blade to effortlessly cut matching angles. 

Ergonomic Handle with Security Lock: If not cautious, thick and sharp blades could easily rip through the skin. Grafting Ace™ has safety and security in mind with its thumb-operated locking device for comfort while grafting and closing the tool down for storage when not in use.

✅ Surface Mount Spring Loaded Handle: Grafting Ace™ has plier-like handles with springs to seamlessly open, ready for the next cut! No sticking and hard to open handles. 

Portable: Bringing around grafting tools for indoor and outdoor gardening without a pouch is not ideal. That’s why Grafting Ace™ comes with a convenient hard pouch to easily bring around grafting sites. 

 Durable: Grafting Ace™ is the best choice for a long-lasting gardening tool. It’s made of high-quality carbon steel blade and Grade A strength engineered plastic.

Getting the hang of grafting, shearing and pruning do take time, but all would be worth it as you see your tree and/or plant in full bloom. This is exactly what our Grafting Ace™ wants to impart- a safe and easy way to see the fruit of your labors!

We understand the apprehensions of buying a grafting kit, especially for those first-timers. Thankfully Grafting Ace™ eliminates the laborious task of using several grafting knives just to achieve the desired result for efficient and effective gardening.

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Blade replacements are easy breezy with the complete grafting kit provided by Grafting Ace™.


(1) 2-in-1 Grafting Tool
(1) Hard Pouch
(1) Wrench
(1) Screw Driver

(2) Grafting Films
(3) Replaceable Blades


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