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Galactic Glow™ (2021 Version)

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"This light is amazing, helps put everyone to sleep, even the baby and the cat. It creates a unique dynamic, and it has different levels that you can dim the lights, which is crucial. You can control it from your phone, even through Alexa!!! I Highly recommend it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Fiona Shenton
Verified Buyer

Night lights, reading lights, and all the other types of lamps with yellow and gentle colored lights for easier sleep do not always work. Turning off all your room lights isn’t for everyone either, especially for those who need a light lighting source to go to sleep. A recent study shows that among the different colored lights, blue lighting accelerates post-stress relaxation the most. 

Galactic Glow™ is fused with dual light technology that delivers an ambient light show easily modified.  With the automated display feature, you can step instantly step into a room of an immersive visual experience. Finally, you can gaze into another universe of your own and slowly drift to sleep.


DUAL LIGHT DISPLAY: The dual yet separate laser and RGB light output projectors allow both or isolated displays to create the desired visuals. One of the customizable visual effects is speckled lighting that resembles a starry night, perfect for a day of relaxation.

ROTATING PLATES: Easily project the light show on any flat surface with the multi-angle adjustment of the rotating plate. The ridged body allows a sturdy horizontal and or vertical projection.

MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY: Seamlessly access and control the device with its smart wifi connectivity that syncs the projector to Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, and even Siri. Plus, the voice command option doubles as a quick access shortcut. 

TIMER AUTOMATION: To avoid overheating from continuous usage, Galactic Glow™ has a built-in adjustable timer. Simply indicate the duration of each display mode and watch the effects transition smoothly.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Traditional projectors are too bulky to stow away for travel. The sleek design allows for the device to be placed in a duffle, tote, or backpack effortlessly.


We understand the frustration of getting yourself in the right mood for rest, especially when your body’s tired but your mind is just too active. It is annoying to have to twist and turn for hours and still not fall asleep or not have any sleep. Recent study shows that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.

Fortunately, Galactic Glow™ is the modern-day Sandman, with its sensory lighting helps calm the mind and eventually put you to sleep. The immersive visual technology also allows ambient lighting for any occasion. So you can easily transition from a day of excitement to a night of relaxation.


Height: 6.4 in
Width: 2.7 in


(1) Projector 
(1) Charging Cable
(1) Power Brick
(1) User Manual


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