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Flexi Wash™ (100FT - 30M Extended)

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"I've gone through more expandable hoses than I care to admit. They've started great, but after using one season, storing in an attached (not freezing) garage, unkinked, and neatly coiled on a shelf in winter, they quickly completely blow out during the following season. I've used this one only this summer and will update the review if necessary. So far, I've experienced none of the wear from cement that others have mentioned. Not even a frayed spot. The included sprayer is higher quality than any other I've had, and there have been no leaks from either end of the hose."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Roxanne Springer
Verified Buyer

Rubber garden hoses are notorious for breaking and kinking too quickly. Aside from the hose, the nozzles are also a source of headache whenever they leak as soon as you turn on the faucet. A recent study shows that the common reason for garden hose breakage is a clog that makes it impossible for water to escape.

Flexi Wash™ is has angled and flexible sides that enable the garden hose to adjust according to the flowing water pressure. With its multifunctional nozzle, you can finish chores trouble-free. It’s the do-it-all tool for reliably high-performance regardless of cleaning and or washing tasks.


FLEXIBLE: A big concern for rubber garden hoses is their effective adaptability in high water pressure. This garden hose retracts and expands as needed by the pressure to support its multi-functionality efficiently.

TANGLE-FREE: The hose is made of polyester fabric to effortlessly clean and wash without twisting and kinking worries. Removing the frustrating unkinking of standard rubber hoses.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Typical hoses for yard and garden use have a single-purpose nozzle. Its 9-nozzle functionallows better and proper water flow control

ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Cleaning tasks are made more comfortable with Flexi Wash™’s non-slip rubber grip pad. Unlike plastic handles, this eliminates slippery handles, especially during high water pressure activities.

DAMAGE RESISTANCE: Made from a three-layer thick TPE material with a dense and rugged outer fabric has superior durability. Changes in temperature, standard friction, sharp corners, and thorns won’t easily break the garden hose.

We understand how frustrating it is to pull the hose, unknot, and try to increase the water that comes out so that you can start watering your entire garden. Constantly getting wet from leaking nozzles is all the more annoying, too. Gardening or car washing should only take a few minutes and not take up your entire day. 

Flexi Wash™ utilizes premium PTE material and integrates comfort-forward engineering to make chores enjoyable. Effortlessly switch from cleaning cars to watering the yard by changing the nozzle settings. Get things done with a handy tool that’s built to handle pressure.



Length: 100 ft - 30 m extended
Diameter: 0.5 in


(1) Garden Hose with Nozzle
(1) Standard Connection 
(1) Multifunctional Connection 
(1) Wash Basin Connection


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