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Flare Grill™

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"We had a larger LED grill light in the past that was a "clamp" attached one. It was tough to position and was always in the way when you opened/shut the grill cover. These little beauties are exactly what we needed. They are small, magnetic, and feel sturdy. With the magnets, we can affix one on each side of the grill, and it gives us all of the light we need. Well worth the purchase price.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Tara Little
Verified Buyer 

Synonymous to parties is a barbecue with friends and family, and often or not, these last until the night. Not all pitmasters are prepared to cook with little to no light which can mean undercooked meat. A recent study shows that 63% of grill owners use their grill or smoker yearly- surely grilling at night is inevitable.

Flare Grill™ is equipped with high-density light paired with a flexible neck that can illuminate grill masters all day long, all season long. Built with aluminum alloy, the magnetic base attaches to most steel grills. Seamlessly converse, cook, and dine into the night with the proper lighting. 


HIGH-DENSITY LIGHT: Unintentionally cooking and serving raw meat is not the way to end the much-awaited barbecue. The grill light provides a bright and broad light for safety and convenience.

MAGNETIC BASE: Easily mount the lighting without any installation tools, firmly place it on any magnetic surface. Eliminating the frustrating unstable and flimsy standard grill lights.

FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK: To ensure that the cooking space is well-lit, Flare Grill™ has an adjustable neck. So, the entire grill and consequently the food being cooked can be clearly seen.

MULTI-PURPOSE: On the off days that there’s no barbecue, the barbecue light can be used for other family bonding moments. Its portability and compactness allow it to fit in any pouch or pocket for camping. 

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The grill light body is made with aluminum alloy that creates a weather-resistant grill light, whether it’s for summer or winter barbecuing.  


We understand the pressure placed on pitmasters at every celebratory barbecue, and it is difficult to live up to each and everyone’s expectations. So it really would be a bummer if, instead of lining up for seconds, your guests wouldn’t even touch or finish what’s on their plates. Indeed, to avoid any mortifying experiences, everything begins in the quality of your grilling space.

Flare Grill™ delivers impressive illumination that helps ensure quality control on each meat that comes out of the grill. Rest assured, the barbecue can last until midnight if needed with the grill light’s powerful magnetic base that durably attaches to the grill—Flare Grill™ for more extended and more earnest moments between loved ones.



Height: 9 in
Width of the tip: 1 in

Width of the base: 2 in


(2) Grill Lights


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