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Ergo Dynamic™ - Adjustable Armrest Support

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“At home and previous jobs, I have sat at desks where I could rest my arms on the desk while typing/using a mouse. At my current position, my desk is straight, with no room for my arms. Not a big deal when typing, but for mouse work, I like my elbow support. This device is perfect. I'm still getting used to it, but I can already feel the difference in my wrist, elbow, and shoulder.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Cindy Soto
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Sitting on the desk for hours on end has been a norm in school, university, and even at work. This, however, doesn’t mean that we have mastered the skill of comfortably working in one position for a prolonged period. A recent study shows that excessive use of computers can cause muscle strain in the forearm.

Ergo Dynamic™ is crafted for the daily grind that requires stationary stamina to survive the long working hours in front of the computer. The smooth pivot adjustability provides the mechanical ground for optimal comfort and efficiency. Create a solid work routine with a health-oriented desk set-up.



MOTION VERSATILITY: Whether it's editing graphic design, articles, or codes, this armrest allows a wide range of movement with of forearms, arms, and elbows. The support can be placed in either the left or right side for 180º horizontal adjustment and 360º rotation for the arm and elbow pad.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Five preset height positions cradle the elbow for cushioning and best work position tailored for the person’s sitting height. The optimal forearm support is ensured with the height pivots to reduce the load from the weight of the extended arm on the shoulder muscles.

EASY TO USE: Installing the ergonomic support is one less thing to worry about. Simply unpack the product, place it on the chosen desk, adjust the clamp, the angle, and the height accordingly. No tools are required.

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made of aluminum alloy and soft platform for heavy-duty stability. While the soft wrist pad paired with the solid knob allows comfort and smooth movement at any given angle. 

After actively being stationed at your own desk while working on your computer, your arms, wrist, and forearm are bound to become sore. It is frustrating to find your groove while working but have to stop abruptly because of pain. Recent studies show that ergonomic training is an effective intervention to prevent upper body musculoskeletal discomfort

Effortlessly and painlessly go through the 9-5 rush with Ergo Dynamic™’s arm, wrist, elbow, and forearm support. Its ambidextrous design lightens the burden on your musculoskeletal system by providing a soft wrist pad with movable structural support. Augment your workspace to increase productivity without sacrificing your own needs.



Length: 16. 22 in
Width: 4.29 in


(1) Ergonomic Arm and Wrist Support


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