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Designer Bump™ - Maternity Leggings

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“Awesome!!! Love these leggings so much!! They are soft, stretchy, and of a nice quality. The back elastic comes up high and is thick so you feel supported. The font doesn't sit too low. I loved these so much I bought a 2nd pair! These are saving me in my first trimester. Before pregnancy, I was 118 pounds and I am 5'6. I am 10 weeks pregnant.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Karlena Nal
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From the first to the last trimester of pregnancy, expecting mothers are bound to undergo several changes which evidently include but are not limited to physical changes or visibly known as a baby bump. For first-timers, loose-fitting apparels are the go-to essentials, however, this does not tantamount to suitable maternity wear. Again, though clothing during pregnancy is a matter of personal preference, sticking to bigger-sized non-maternity clothing is generally not recommended. As the fetus develops in size, belly support becomes non-negotiable so as not to cause any detrimental health issues to both the mother and child. 

Introducing, Designer Bump™, under-the-bump V-shaped leggings that adapt to the physical changes in pregnancy. Compared to other leggings made for the first trimester, this maternity wear has a built-in elastic waistband adjuster to comfortably stretch and support the belly all throughout fetal development. Aside from offering flexibility, the ultra-soft fabric also provides breathability while lounging and working out, perfect for helping mothers create healthy habits. With the proper maternity leggings whether pregnancy changes are a matter of a shift in lifestyle or appearance, the transition is made effortless.



BELLY SUPPORT: The low waistband is designed to provide all-around abdomen care no matter the position be it standing or sitting. While the distinct V-shape waistline is made to comfortably support the bump to create a more lightweight feel.

PREGNANCY COMPANION: As the stages of pregnancy progress, this pair of leggings have an adjustable waist to adapt with each stage. Suitable for small to big baby bumps, lifting the worries of expecting mothers that they’ll outgrow all their clothes.

Four-way stretch offers comfort in mobility especially during the hard-to-move stage of pregnancy. Its opaque fabric has a balanced thickness that stretches without falter, ensuring that undergarments are invisible.

VERSATILE BODY SHAPING BOTTOMS: Pregnancy glow has never been truer with the butt-lift provided by the lounge, gym, and casual shapewear tights. Paired with the classic colorway, easily match the bottom with go-to tees, shirts, blouses, and outerwear.

ALL SEASONS LONG WARDROBE: Durably made with a cotton construction that’s softer and thicker than polycotton blend. The leggings can withstand summer heat and cold seasons all while mother and baby bump stay cozy.

We understand that different pregnancy bellies grow differently which creates a variety of carrying shapes of either small, wide, high, or low bumps, and with that, other related moms-to-be concerns also arise. Aside from comfort concerns, the thought of the added pounds and curves is often or not a concept that women avoid. Not being able to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe plus the additional weight can be frustrating. Dressing your bump can also begin and end with more stress as normal and or maternity clothing or almost feel unflattering

Thankfully with Designer Bump™, the basic apparel grows beautifully with you, accentuating your features and showcasing the miracle of life. Its crossover waistband simultaneously addresses pregnancy belly concerns by providing a snug fit in the front while securing the behind and creating a flattering body shape. Because of its flattering appeal, both casual loose-fitted and form-fitting tops complement the tights along with the baby bump. Likewise, for shorter moms-to-be, the black bottoms accentuate leaner and longer legs. This maternity wear effortlessly proves pregnancy is an even sexier asset.




(1) Pair of Maternity Leggings 


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