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Crystal Glow™

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“This lamp is great...especially the price. I bought this for my elderly mother's side table. She likes it. It works like advertisements, making it easier for her to turn on the lights. As mentioned in other reviews, the remote control is very sensitive and very convenient. I also call it a relaxing mood lamp as it shines within a small area.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sadie Anaheim 
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The classical notion of art is often perceived as lofty and seen merely as pieces exhibited in museums. However, with ingenious home furniture and fixture designs, we can even bring art into our own homes without paying a steep price. A recent study shows that good health and satisfaction are found in people who create and or consume art.

Crystal Glow™'s simple elegance conceals the accessibility and visual effect feature that makes this the home upgrade every household needs. With its transparent structure, the pre-programmed colorway projects a full bloom rose on any given surface. Enrich and beautify otherwise mundane life with art that illuminates the dark.




ROSE PROJECTION: The acrylic lamp serves as an opulent centerpiece in any room be it on a nightstand in a bedroom, or a console in a living room. At night, watch a blooming rose unveil as the special cut crystal diamond-shaped lamp projects a beautiful shadow on any surface.

TWO-WAY SWITCH: Easily adjust the brightness and color emitted with touch sensor functions on the top and bottom of the lamp. The additional remote switch works in tandem and alternatively with the sensors for better lighting accessibility the especially for those of age and or who have difficulty moving.

Its 5W battery has 80% lower power consumption than traditional incandescent lamps while still allowing a continuous 10 hours of usage. Create an ambiance fit to the occasion without interruptions.  

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Instead of using ordinary glass, the lamp utilizes acrylic glass that provides optical clarity and transparency best for projecting the multiple light displays. In terms of durability, it's known to be 17 times more impact resistant to glass and a variety of temperature changes.



Falls and injuries at dimly lit areas whether indoors or outdoors are expected. Aside from sufficient lighting, accessibility of the switches should also be considered especially in homes with the elderly. A recent study shows that seniors are more likely to use proper lighting if it’s easier for them to turn lamps on

Create a sense of security within the home with Crystal Glow™s adjustable luminescence that can easily be toggled. The long battery life minimizes accidents from entering pitch-black rooms or areas with flickering lights that make it difficult to navigate a room. Paired with durable acrylic glass, this lamp is a haven for clumsy individuals who would normally knock over breakable decor.



Length: 8.46 in
Width: 3.54 in


(1) Rose LED Lamp
(1) Charging Cable
(1) Remote Switch


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