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Cork Expert™

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I was tired of struggling to "pop" a cork from wine bottles and even broke off a corkscrew. So I splurged and bought this set. I love it. As for the vacuum, it behaves just as advertised and I've had no souring whatever. I'm also happy with the stoppers that seal better than any of the cheap ones I've used before. I recommend this entire set without reservation.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Katie Fletcher
Verified Buyer

Drinking alcoholic beverages has been synonymous with celebrations, milestones, and even unwinding with the people we love or simply by ourselves. So, it’s no surprise that the choice of drink for a nightcap is a wine to help us relax and enjoy our free time. A recent study shows that 47% of individuals drink wine as a stress reliever.

Cork Expert™ is the result of a rigid accessory selection that provides all the fundamental tools for an exquisite wine tasting that you and your loved ones can indulge in. The modernized corkscrew promotes inclusive dexterity with its engineered simplicity that only needs a press of a button. Taste the effortless elegance that only a master sommelier can offer.


TOUCH-BUTTON OPERATION: Easily undo corks in seconds' time with the one-touch corkscrew that safely penetrates the cork with the transparent shell that illuminates the inner chamber for guided access. Paired with the foil cutter, safely create a slit to remove the foil covering from the spout wine bottles.

WINE PRESERVATION: The electric corkscrew also sports a vacuum wine stopper to preserve the bottle for the next get-together. It is designed to extract the oxygen from the bottle leading to a vacuum effect for a temporary seal on the wine.

WINE AERATION: Quicken the aeration process to help the wine soften its tannins and reach its finest tasting potential without the long-anticipated bottle opening usually done in wine tasting. Compared to a decanter, wine aerators are compact, discreet, and transportable.

SLEEK ORGANIZATION: Included in the premium wine corkscrew set is the countertop storage stand that only takes up a small footprint. The stand boasts custom-made slots that ensure each accessory is securely placed and beautifully displayed. 

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Brushes steel accents and aluminum alloy construction accentuates the sophisticated beverage of choice. The purposeful selection of accessories and its skillful design process provides customers the option of keeping the deluxe set or sharing the trouble-free experience as a gift.


We understand that aside from the acquired taste of alcoholic drinks, especially wine, not everyone is also cut off to uncork a bottle. Undeniably the pressure within the bottle can in fact result in injury while attempting to remove the cork. Studies show that bottle cork ocular injuries are a common event.

and easily pop-open all types of wine with Cork Expert™’s premium wine opener set. The guided illuminated access chamber allows a clear view of the cork while the button-operated opener prevents forceful removal. Preserve moments and the taste of celebrations with the help of the rest of the kit.


Electric Corkscrew

Length: 8.82 in

Width: 1.83 in

Storage Stand

Length: 4.13 in

Width: 5.12 in

Wine Pourer

Length: 4.65 in
Width: 1.42 in

Wine Stopper

Length: 3.54 in
Width: 1.22 in

Foil Cutter

Length: 2.76 in
Width: 1.65 in


(1) Electric Corkscrew
(1) Storage Stand
(1) Wine Pourer
(2) Wine Stopper
(1) Foil Cutter


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