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Cordless Relief™ - Hand Massager

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“Love this for addressing some arthritis issues. Felt like a warm hand massage, and it was easy to use while watching TV. When one hand was done it was easy to switch seamlessly to the other.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Terrie Grison
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It’s almost impossible to go through the day without having once typed a word, our fingers are frequently on a keyboard or keypad at any given time. Computer-induced medical problems follow suit, most notably musculoskeletal conditions which include but are not limited to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Popping painkillers to relieve aches, though convenient, is not the safest option.

Introducing Cordless Relief™, a medley of pressure point, heat, and air compression therapy with the addition of kneading simulation to achieve relaxation. The universal hand size massager comfortably fits the hand to envelop the targeted area while the programmed male or female hand setting ensures a tailored relief. Naturally and safely improve the nerves, blood flow, and muscle conditions. 




REFLEXOLOGY SIMULATION: Engineered to replicate reflexology and acupressure principles, the hand massager releases tension within the palm, wrist, and fingers. Like a professional hand massage, the soothing rhythmic vibration and kneading provide pain point alleviation. 

HEAT THERAPY: The nifty device combines air compression with applied heat to improve blood flow to a particular area which helps heal damaged tissue through an increase in oxygen flow over time. Heat also helps relax muscles, soothing discomfort and pain in these locations.


ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Even for some professional masseuses, their massage techniques may still be considered rough for others. The pressure and intensity mode levels from gentle, soothing to strong, ensure optimal acupressure without affliction while simultaneously revitalizing parts of the hands.

CORDLESS: It's powered by a rechargeable built-in 2200 mAH lithium battery for longer battery life. Conveniently avail of the self-service message up to 9 times before having the need to recharge, and easily stow away with its lightweight and compact design.

How to Use:

1. Put your hand inside the machine with your palm in the center of the massage pad.

2. Press the power button, and the All Key display will light up. 

3. Choose a Mode: Male/Female. 

4. Press the mode button, there are three different strength and different massage modes: gentle mode, soothing mode, and strong mode. 

5. If you need to turn on the heating function, please press the heating function button and adjust the appropriate temperature. 

6. Press the power button to turn off the machine.

We understand that having to stop work because your hands start to either feel numb, tingly, painful, or all of the above, can disrupt work momentum. Aside from painkillers, hand and wrist exercises seem to do the trick, but for those with more discomfort, this may not be enough. Alternatively, manual hand roll massagers is another popular option, but it does not provide a customized professional massage.

Thankfully, with Cordless Relief™, comfort comes in portable electric hand massagers that offer adjustable programmed shiatsu remedies. The inner chamber cushions the hand while heat radiates simultaneously with the expansion and contraction of the chamber through the built-in air pressure control for the life-like masseuse experience. Health and comfort don’t have to come in second in the long work hours. 



Length: 7 in
Width: 8 in


(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Hand Massager


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