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Compress Therapy™ (US Plug)

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"My mom had surgery a week ago that left her leg swollen, and she stumbled across this! The first day she received it and used it three times, the initial use was when it arrived that morning and twice before bed! She woke a few times that night to pee, and in the morning, her ankles and feet were significantly better. Helps with circulation, and I would highly recommend it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carolyn Frink
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Aside from being painful, standing for a prolonged period is medically inadvisable because it overexerts our muscles. Muscle soreness and fatigue may seem like a minute issue, but it would cost us more than discomfort. A recent study shows that poor circulation or build-up of blood in the legs causes fatigue accompanied by soreness and cramping.

Compress Therapy™ has air compression technology that gradually inflates, tightens, and precisely targets pain points for relief. The optional heating function performs as a massage simulator for better blood circulation in the legs. Dedicated to instantaneous comfort, this compression massager works double-time to provide relaxation.



MASSAGE SIMULATION: A variety of fine-tuned massage settings are precisely designed for everyone’s lifestyle needs: relax, soothing and powerful. This allows for the proper amount of pressure to target areas with tension without being too painful.

HEAT FUNCTION: Heaviness, tingling, and cold feet are signs of poor blood circulation, especially as people age. An optional under sole heating can be simultaneously used with the preferred massage setting, relieving soreness and weariness.

QUICK INFLATION: Its high-speed microprocessors allow one-press inflation for faster setup. Now, the only thing needed is to find a spot to stretch and unwind. 

AUTO-OFF: Unwatched leg massagers that provide heat are a fire waiting to happen. With Compress Therapy™’s automatic shut down after 10 mins, overheating is prevented. 

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The added velcro adjustment ensures that the massager will not cause discomfort as it inflates. Velcroes also feature versatility so that more people can enjoy a relaxing massage.

We understand that as we age, our strength and mobility decreases so we start to feel all sorts of pain from our head to toe. Looking forward to our massage appointment truly is one of the simple joys in our lives so we can finally sleep peacefully pain-free. Studies show that 43% of Americans go to a massage spa for pain management and overall wellness.

That’s why Compress Therapy™ configured life-like massage that provides holistic relaxation. At-home massage therapy is revolutionized with its multi-mode intensity suited for workday pains and the much-needed muscle recovery. Close your eyes and melt away your pain with Compress Therapy’s soothing hands.  


Suitable thigh circumference: 16.5 in to 28 in
Suitable calf circumference: 13.5 in to 19 in

Height: 29 
Width: 13 in


(1) Compression Massager
(1) Remote Control
(1) US Plug


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