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Colorway Apparel™ (Slides + Purse)

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“From the day I got these beauties I have gotten at least a hundred compliments!!! I live in a high-rise downtown and almost anyone who gets on the elevator tells me how fuzzy they are 😍 !!! I could have sold over 50 pairs of these just going up and down my elevator!😂 Great quality for walking too!LOVE LOVE LOVE 💗 will check out more colors!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jenny Landrum
Verified Buyer 

Elegantly command the entire room with well-paired footwear and accessories. Colorway Apparel™ elevates your get-up with delicate workmanship of premium materials that are both purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. Colorway Apparel™, bringing happiness through appeal.

Colorway Apparel™ comes with a spacious, and stylish accent bag making it the fitting choice for your on-the-go ensemble. Conveniently throw in your everyday carry like touch-up makeups, cards, phone, and many more! 


Premium Design: Going for a grocery run, downtown bonding with friends, or just lounging at home is made easier.  With the addition of faux fox fur, the vibrantly classic appeal of Colorway Apparel™ exceeds ordinary-looking slippers.

True to Size: Colorway Apparel™ has honest to goodness sizing. All sizes are a perfect fit, open toe design ensures that EVERY foot type will look stunning with Colorway Apparel™.

Ultra-Comfort: Comfort forward footwear is hard to come by. Colorway Apparel™'s fur design around the slippers band creates enough warmth for a comfortably soft usage throughout the day.

Quick-Dry: A number one concern with fur is it's hard to dry. With Colorway Apparel™’s detailed sewing and work, the slippers can be worn even in the shower! 

Skid-Proof: Rubber soles are difficult to walk with especially on slippery surfaces. Colorway Apparel has anti-skid attachments on its sole for smoother and safer strolling.

Sustainable: Ordinary slippers use a not-so eco-friendly PVC rubber. With our carbon footprint in mind, Colorway Apparel™ is constructed with thick yet lightweight EVA rubber soles.

A recent study shows that the clothes you wear change bring self-confidence and self-empowerment. Marching in to get things done? Wear anything red. Sweetie, just by dressing the part, you manifest your own success.

Imagine waking up, placing your feet on warm, and plush fur. Even if you're having a bad day, the vibrant and colorful hues of Colorway Apparel™ will surely lift your spirits up, bringing a constant supply of happiness and confidence

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