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Clutch Classic™

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“This is a great alternative to lugging my large handbag into food stores, restaurants, etc. It has enough room for cards, phones, small-med containers, cash, etc. Even my husband was amazed. I can now leave my large tote locked in the trunk unseen from outside of the car but when I want to use it, this "wallet" will fit into it nicely!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lori Duncan
Verified Buyer

Evidently, women, whether a mom or not, can magically carry several essentials on one hand and still keep their other hand free although this can eventually become uncomfortable. From their keys, phone, and cards, they seem to deftly support the items. A recent study shows that phones and wallets are among the five essentials for every working woman.

Clutch Classic™ is the chic everyday helper complete with versatile carry and structured lining for the ever-fashionable superwoman. Its built-in card slots and attached pouch for all-time carry-ons and the removable straps provide convenience for the tasks of the day. Swing your arms and walk confidently with the hands-free accessory. 



✅ STRUCTURED STORAGE: The crossbody pouch is divided into two main compartments for organization, the ball clasp closure, and zipper pocket. Its zipper pocket serves as a built-in wallet complete with multiple card slots and another inner zipper storage while the ball clasp pocket is made for other small everyday essentials.

✅ DUAL CARRY DESIGN: As an everyday carry, this bag provides functionality, practicality, and above all, convenience. With its removable strap option, the bag can be carried as a simple pouch or a shoulder bag for more on-the-go tasks.

Sewn into a contemporary piece, the bag blends the vintage design of leather cigarette pouches with the minimalist chic hues made to complement any look. The additional gold-colored zipper design uplifts the pastel color to a more elegant affair

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Fine craftsmanship also entails using quality materials even in the trivial parts for durability. From the soft zipper head to the secured frameof the clasps, closing and opening of each compartment are as effortless as they can be. 


Women’s everyday handbags are heavier than expected and could actually have detrimental health consequences. We understand that it’s easier to simply throw in all your valuables in your go-to bag and lose track of the weight of your baggage. Recent studies show that the constant load on the body over years leads to adaptive scoliosis.

Accomplish everything you need to do for the day without missing a beat with Clutch Classic™. The staple colorway paired with the classic gold-colored zipper perfectly complements the compact yet functional build for day trips or a more formal one. This durably comfortable cross bag lets nothing stop you from being the best girl boss there is. 



Length: 7.09 in
Width: 4.33 in
Depth: 2 in


(1) Crossbody Bag


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