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Central Glow™ ( Plus Bluetooth Remote )

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“I recently got this for filming videos and taking higher quality photos. The ring light is a great size and, once assembled, quite secure on the tripod. My phone (pixel 3) fits vertically and horizontally on the phone holder inside the ring light. The Bluetooth remote also works with my android, and I didn't have to download any additional apps. The tripod itself is quite sturdy and can extend to a very high height, so great for all types of angles/views. Great purchase for anyone who wants to create!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Tina McBrian
Verified Buyer 

Building our makeshift workspaces is becoming essential as the pandemic progresses; a room with a desk and chair just doesn’t cut it anymore. Back-to-back zooms, video calls, and meetings need more professional lighting. A recent study shows that a portable professional photography lighting kit can cost upwards of $1,599

Central Glow™’s soft illumination with circular catchlights to soften shadows and evenly spread the lightings is similar to professional lightboxes. Better yet, the tri-lighting technology adapts to the required brightness. This highly compact ring light is the ideal addition to your work-from-home setup. 



FLEXIBLE RING LIGHT: Lighting for specific angles can be difficult, especially when filming from a top view angle. With its 360° degree rotating ring light and two-way phone grip, all angles are covered for superior filmingwith the best possible lighting.  

TRI-LIGHTING MODES: For an all-natural light look whenever, wherever Central Glow™ has three lighting modes: warm light, white light, and natural light. Though each mode has a different level of intensity, they each provide gentle brightness.

Integrated into the professional ring light is the functionality of a phone holder that fits all smartphones. The sturdy and adjustable phone holder in the middle of the ring light, videos, and photos ensure evenly spread light.

USB POWERED: Its USB-powered remote works withmost devices that support USB ports, like a laptop, PC, power bank, USB charger, AC adapter, etc. Plus, the remote Bluetooth controller adds effortless portrait illumination.

We understand the frustration of keeping your video on during the entire zoom class or video conference, especially when you’re only in a makeshift workspace. Often times the space provides harsh lights, dark shadows or no proper lighting at all. Since we try to achieve the perfect lighting 24/7, artificial lights are the go-to choice, but not all available ones are of quality.

Central Glow™ delivers stunning video illumination in any make-shift workspace, gentle lighting for vloggers, and continuous videography. Compressed in a compact body are all the makings of a big-named lightbox. Create your spotlight in every and any event withCentral Glow™.



Height: 10 in
Width: 3 in


(1) Ring Light
(1) USB-Powered Remote
(1) Bluetooth Shutter Remote


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