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Case Master™

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"I got this because, first it's adorable, and second I needed a pencil bag. It fits one of my backpack pockets perfectly and I knew it was for me! I use it not only for my (drafting mechanical) pencils but also pencil lead, two types of pencil sharpeners, washi tape, pager marker stickers, and even my AirPods! It's perfect for all the things I need to carry around and looks amazing!!! I only wish they had one that looked like a calico cat that would match my cat! Well, it's still 5 stars for me!!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christina Soutter
Verified Buyer

A recent study shows that on average people spend 3,680 hours in their lifetime searching for misplaced items. Darling, the amount of wasted time is just too much!

Case Master™ provides a practical storage solution for all your stationery and or trinkets. Conveniently whip out your everyday tools with positive energy radiating from the inside and out. Case Master™, for functional reliability.


Telescopic Technology: Boring rectangular-shaped cases are over. Case Master™ is easily adjustable with its collapsible design both for practicality and compactness.

Pocket-Lining: Case Master™’s pocket-lining feature provides high-capacity storage and easy access. Consistently have that feel-good moment of knowing everything is immaculately organized.

Multi-Purpose: With Case Master™ cases and pouches provide several purposes. Whether it’s make-up brushes, pens, pencils, art brushes, scissors, and other stationery materials, Case Master™ has it covered.  

Tool Protection: Propping pencil holders up every time must get irritating. Case Master™ has thoughtfully included an elastic ring to firmly and steadily keep it upright

Adorable Design: It’s nice to get some positive energy during long days of work. With Case Master™’s charming variants, everyone’s day is certainly brightened.

Premium Construction: Case Master™ is what happens when functionality meets reliability. Its high-quality canvas eliminates worries of fading and deformation creating a more durable product.

Imagine starting your daily make-up routine but as soon as you’re halfway through it, you can’t find your eyeliner. On top of that, you would have to search for it your bulky, and disorganized pouch.

We understand the frustration of searching for that one misplaced item. Thankfully with Case Master™, simply adjust the telescopic design to prop it up and you’ll find everything neatly placed inside for easier and hassle-free access. Then when you’re done, collapse and zip it.

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