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Canine Carrier™

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“Best purchase ever. Since she was a puppy, we travel to the Ozarks to see family and to get away for a weekend. She’s almost 14 years old and has arthritis in her lumbar spine and hips. Her mobility just isn’t what it use to be and the up-and-down motions hiking trails are too much for her to handle. She was unsure of the pack at first, but I wore it with her while doing some chores around the house before our trip to get her use to it. On the trails, she didn’t squirm or wiggle, and even fell asleep during one of our hikes.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Finn Theresa
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Going on adventures with our fur friends is currently a hit with more and more people out and about with their favorite family outdoor activity. Generally, our dogs can keep up with our daily walks but there are occasions their bodies are not used to an increase in movement. A recent study shows that if they’re not used to more than a 10-minute walk or playtime, they can develop medical problems.

Canine Carrier™ boasts pressure-relieving straps and back lining supported by a reinforced bottom for effortless hikes, walks, and travel with our travel fur buddies. Built as fail-safe measures, multiple lock systems are integrated with the nylon lining leg holes to help keep your dogs in place. Let your four-legged pal comfortably enjoy traveling with you.


✅ LIGHT HAUL STABILITYThe bag has a built-in movable and adjustable chest strap, and a waist belt for stability. Since the weight distribution is evenly spread it makes carrying a 14kg dog seem lightweight.

✅ MOTION ABSORPTION: Not all dogs are comfortable with being placed in a backpack while in motion. With the thickened shoulder straps and back support that act as a cushion, their kicks are less painful and no longer a source of fatigue.

✅ BREATHABLE: Its open-top design and breathable side mesh to provide a comfortable space for dogs, and offer a wriggle room for them to look out as they are being carried around. This also helps calm dogs and eliminate claustrophobia caused by common dog carriers. 


LOCK INTEGRATION: Multiple adjustable locks are placed along the entire pack to prevent any escape attempts, including a circular elastic mouth with a protective lock. At the front, a paw hole is also added to help secure and keep them in place. 

REFLECTIVE STRIPS: Hiking, running and most outdoor gears nowadays include a reflective strip for night safety and visibility. The strips on the back of the carrier quickens search and rescue if and when trail hiking becomes dangerous.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Reinforced bottom backing plate and waterproof fabric ensure durability despite any walking conditions. As dogs age, they are bound to gain weight which could break ordinary carriers, but not with this one. 


We understand how tiring it is to beg our dogs to walk even just a few more minutes. It is frustrating and worrisome to tug them by the leash just so you could reach your destination. Studies show that a reason why they stop to walk further is simply that they don’t want to walk anymore, such as the case with bulldogs. 

Ease dog walking-related worries with a go-to dog carrier backpack, Canine Carrier™. The heavy-duty safety chest, waist, and front buckles are blended with comfort with its thickened sponge cushion lining. Whether all kinds of weather with the breathable mesh for the summer heat and waterproof fabric for the rainy season. 



Length: 19.3 in
Width: 9.4 in


Length: 21.7 in
Width: 10.6 in


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