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Brow Pro™

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"This is THE BEST investment I’ve ever made! Brow shaping has always been the most difficult part of makeup and preparation for me! I spend too much time on it and I can never get the two brows even. Last time I tried it literally looked like two eagles landed on my face!! Too thick and just weirdly filled. With this shaper I save SO much time, and my bf is much happier cuz I don't take up all the time getting ready!! I LOVE this product!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dorothy Yates
Verified Buyer 

A recent study shows that the most common solution for permanent on fleek eyebrows is microblading which medical spas would charge an upward of $500. Darling, the procedure can permanently leave you a lifetime of regret as the  “eyebrow lady.”

Effortless uncompromising beauty on the go. Brow Pro™ lets you accomplish a microblade look in a painless, convenient, and comfortable way. Brow Pro™, achieve flawless beauty every time. 


Butterfly Design Technology: The butterfly design is the simple solution to shaky and fatigued hands. Easily achieve consistently flawless, even, and stunning eyebrows with Brow Pro™. For best results, remove your glasses before doing your brows for an even finish.

Adjustable: Finding the perfect eyebrows is time-consuming so Brow Pro™ made it easier and more enjoyable. Brow Pro™ is a 3-eyebrow shaper for the best of the best brow shapes: flat/straight angle, soft-angled, and hard-angled.

Beginner-FriendlyMost beginners in the beauty and make-up world have a hard time figuring out how to stencil, fill, and shape their eyebrows. Brow Pro™ has a three-step system to instantly complete the beauty process.

Portable: Makeup artists and salons are not always present on EVERY occasion. Brow Pro™ is the best companion for the busy bee who needs all their makeup needs to be compactfoldable and fits in one convenient pouch.

Skin-Friendly:  Brow Pro™ is washable to eliminate the worry of the build-up of dirt and bacteria that can cause itchiness. Ensuring a clean and comfortable makeup tool.

Premium Construction: Eyebrow stencils are often a disposable and inconvenient tool. Brow Pro™ is made with high-grade plastic for durability and sturdiness for cost-effective and convenient use. 

We understand the annoyingly long time of creating the perfect brows. We recommend the ingenious 3-in-1 brow shaper of Brow Pro™ to eliminate build up frustrations from complicated brow make-up.

With Brow Pro™ flawlessly create a catwalk worthy look at your convenience. It’s the premium on-the-go brow shaper for ALL face shapes and sizes!

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Seamlessly accomplish your preferred eyebrow shape in three simple steps. Just adjust the button buckle, align Brow Pro™’s handle in the center, and draw your ideal eyebrows with a brow pencil, or brow pen.


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