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Botanical Radiance™

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"I bought this Grow light based on reviews and the features that it was promoting. I was interested in this product as the height and even light setting was adjustable. I own a FIG tree and an Orchid. Both plants are doing well. There are new leaves in my FIG and it's starting to bloom new flowers in my orchid. I was pretty sure my Orchid was about to die, who knew this light would turn things around! It's a good buy, I would recommend this!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kate Todden

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A recent study shows that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. Sweetie, there’s definitely an appeal to becoming a plant parent, aside from beauty, it adds an aura of tranquil productivity.

Botanical Radiance™ provides a premium technologically advance Phyto LED lamp for indoor plant cultivation of all types in any given climate or area. The lamp is specially designed to stimulate growth and flowering in the most convenient way possible. Botanical Radiance™, green thumb made possible.


Growth Colors Combination: Technological improvements allow for a much easier plant parenting, exactly what Botanical Radiance™ provides. It evenly distributes both the red and blue spectrum lighting that promotes stem elongation, flowering, and budding. This also avoids the Red/Blue lighting spot that may mislead the growth of plants.

Independent Switch Control: LED Phyto lamps often have a constant red and blue lighting which reduces the optimum level of seedling maturation of some plants. With Botanical Radiance™ colors can change from just the Red or Blue light to having both colors. For the lamps with 2-4 heads, each lamp head can be turned on or off separately.

Intelligent Dimming: The best Phyto lamps like Botanical Radiance™ provides a wide range of lighting levels as well. With its 5 dimmable settings of 20%, 40%,60%, 80%, and 100% brightness level, a garden variety of plants are well-taken care of

Circular Memory Timer: Plant parenting is a full-time job if proper technology isn't applied. Luckily, Botanical Radiance™ has 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours of memory timer that can be paired with intelligent dimming for utmost convenience.

Gooseneck and Clip DesignWhether your indoor plant haven is in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc, Botanical Radiance™ could easily be placed with its 360° adjustable gooseneck. It also provides a space-saving feature with its clip design, so more plants can be placed in an area. 

✅ Energy-Efficient: Instead of buying batteries and contributing to hazardous ways, Botanical Radiance™ is the greener choice with its USB cable charger. Simply plug in a power brick, and enjoy the long-lasting performance.

Being a plant parent goes like this: from buying that one tiny and cute indoor plant to buying plants in bulk. The problem lies in how could you possibly take care of all of it.

We understand the uncertainty and concerns of having an indoor plant. What about the sun for growth? Luckily low maintenance yet effective and customer-friendly Phyto lamp technology is placed in the ever convenient Botanical Radiance™. 

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With Botanical Radiance™'s stellar technology, a push of a button can mean the right growing condition for anyone's favorite indoor plants. 


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