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Beyond Traction™ - Cervical and Lumbar Massager

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"I suffer from chronic migraine. Anyway, the neurosurgeon recommended that I go to physical therapy. I have a crazy work schedule that makes it hard to schedule multiple appointments in a week. He recommended that I could purchase a cervical traction device and see if it helps. After 2 sessions over 2 days, I now have a range of motion in my neck that I haven't had in YEARS.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Clara Lucas
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Aside from shoulder pains and headaches, neck pain is prevalent among adults and these can also chronically present themselves in all ages. The discomfort manifests from pinched nerves sensations to even muscle spasms and the more common stiff neck. As a general remedy, icing the area, resting, stretching, or booking an appointment with a physical therapist. However, with the increased frequency of the pain, additional technological aids are needed to accelerate relief beyond the hospital walls.

Introducing Beyond Traction™, a supplementary medical-grade machine that provides balanced restorative and therapeutic effects. Cervical and lumbar decompression is made possible by gently stretching the neck with the two-degree traction aided by the built-in safety system. Its bottom exterior versatility makes the most out of the portable massager Akin to a physical therapist, it continues the recovery process outside the confines of the hospitals, and at the comfort of your home instead.




✅ DYNAMIC COMPRESSION RELIEF: Its simultaneous two different degrees of elevation generate the dynamic traction that stretches the neck. While the built-in airbag gradually inflates, cervical tension eases resulting in increased neck mobility and decompressed nerves

✅ SYSTEM STIMULANT AND RELAXANT: The vibration technique extensively stimulates the parasympathetic and circulatory system loosening muscle, tissue, and bone rigidity. Red light therapy which exposes the body to infrared lights acts as the intensive accelerant in the systems recovery process. 

ADJUSTABLE WARM COMPRESS: For an additional soothing effect, the traction device has three optional heat therapy settings with a minimum of 38º and a maximum heat of 44º. When the device is at  44º, the massager remains at the constant peak temperature, and will no longer heat up.

PORTABLE MASSAGER: Relax anytime, anywhere with the versatile made bottom exterior that’s compatible with both soft and hard surfaces. The search for a comfortable position and spot eases by simply placing the device on either the bed, sofa, floor, or other flat areas.

To prevent forceful cervical stretching, the airbag emits a beeping sound as a notification that the second degree of traction elevation is complete and won’t inflate further. Automatic shut-down after 15 minutes of use is also programmed for added safety

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Medical grade construction created a device capable of handling the comprehensive recovery process with programmed professional therapy modes. While the one-command control switch swiftly generates the necessary type of relief even without a medical background.


We understand that pain originating from the cervical and lumbar area is not always contained in those regions only. Because it radiates throughout the body, a headache from the prolonged stationary position from either scrolling through the phone or working on the desk, is often disregarded as an actual problem stemming from the two areas. So, it is frustrating to experience a hit or miss kind of relief. This goes to show that comprehensive care that eliminates inefficiency is as essential as identifying the source of discomfort. 

Thankfully, Beyond Traction™ brings comfort beyond the spinal regions and the lower back, providing care even in the parasympathetic and circulatory systems that are often overlooked. Programmed infrared lighting, vibration, and heat massage complements the traction, so that rigidity of muscles, tissues, and bones are also decompressed. To balance the complex inner workings, it’s simply touch-button operated. These extensive and intensive processes simultaneously held in one compact device revolutionize medical technology for targeted remedy


Length: 15.7 in
Width: 7.5 in


(1) Cervical and Lumbar Massager (US Plug)
(1) User Manual
(1) Control Switch


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