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Beyond Tracker™

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"I love how fast I can find stuff now! My kids leave the remote controls all over the house. It took me a month to find a remote hidden inside the freezer. That's why I purchased these key trackers. They come with double side adhesives, which I used to stick to all the remotes. Also come with key rings, which I also used for my keys. The alarm is loud enough to hear receivers. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lacey Duncan
Verified Buyer

It’s a daily occurrence that we misplace our everyday carry items like car keys, wallets, and glasses even if we swore we put them back in the same place as always. We waste so much of our time searching for that one item that almost always we leave our homes stressed out. A recent study shows that 60% of people admitting that they have been late to work or school due to searching for items.

Beyond Tracker™ is engineered to have a speedy and wide-range transmission to tracker connection that delivers more than convenience. Built within the remote tab receiver is a two-way alert system to ease the everyday search for commonly lost items. This minimalistic tracker promotes stress-free lifestyle that would surely put a smile on everyone’s face.



2 WAYS TO LOCATE: Sometimes, a beeping notification is not enough, especially if the item is misplaced in the dark. The sound and light notifications quicken the search, especially for those who are running late. 

WIDER RANGE: The transmitter base is equipped with a radio frequency capable of long-range handling searches. The frequency can penetrate through walls, furniture, and every nook and corner of a house. 

STICKER ORGANIZER: To organize the transmitter and trackers, the package includes pattern and DIY stickers that help label each accordingly. This ensures that the tracker being used is the correct one. 

EASY TO USE: Beyond Tracker™ doesn’t require any third-party apps and wifi. Simply attach the receivers to any commonly misplaced items, and press the labeled transmitter. 

MODERN DESIGN: The device has a minimalist design from the color-coded receivers and labels for everyday technological use. The sleek transmission base also allows for portability to be placed in any high-traffic area or room. 


We understand how stressful it is to go through scouring every known room and crevice to find that one item. Constantly in the search for the same items, again and again, is frustrating and tiring altogether. Studies show that an average person loses nine things daily!

The simple stick and press system of Beyond Tracker™ is a quick fix for untimely forgetfulness. As a bonus, the transmitter base is color-coded, and when paired with the customizable label of each receiver, tracking becomes seamless. Begin a new habit of organization and relaxation with Beyond Tracker™.



Transmitter Base
Height: 10 in
Width: 4 in

Height: 2 in
Width: 1 in


(1) Transmitter
(8) Receiver
(8) CR2032 button battery(210mAh)
(8) Keyring 
(1) Pattern sticker
(1) DIY sticker
(1) User Manual


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