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Beyond Layers™

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“Honestly at first I really thought what the heck is this, like it literally just looked like a mini skirt for the waist hahaha… OKAY so here’s my legit review, THIS IS SO MUCH MORE USEFUL THAN I IMAGINED. I live in Virginia so during fall it’s not as cold but not that hot either so I tried this out, and I swear this is my go-to look now. I’ve always hated wearing a shirt underneath my sweater whenever I wear leggings... This is the middle ground folks! I’m in love with the idea that I don’t have to wear an undershirt but have that effect like girl, best of both worlds!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Celine Jacobson
Verified Buyer 

A recent study shows that 91% of women are unhappy with their body image and would resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Sweetie, you can now effortlessly slip into Beyond Layers™ for a pain-free slimmer appearance.

Beyond Layers™ is a wardrobe essential for a seamless transition from this season to the next.  It's easily adjustable for the perfect snug fit. Revolutionary craft unlike any other, Beyond Layers™.


Innovative Layer: The revolutionary bottom half A-line clothe solves the bulky and heavy feel of layering. With Beyond Layers™  perfectly achieve a layered look without the actual layers!

Elastic Waistband: Beyond Layers™ is the modern-day girdle with unrivaled comfort. Unlike an old-school shapewear, the snug elastic band subtly yet comfortably tightens the waist for a sleek appearance.

Seamless Fabric: Oxford shirts that are usually worn as the underlayer for a sweater or hoodie, tend to rid up and wrinkle. With Beyond Layers™, the single faux layer seamlessly and effortlessly stays in place.

Breathable Design: Layering of two or more tops and outerwear is bound to get hot and suffocating. Beyond Layers™’s faux layering reduces body heat build-up. 

Premium Cotton: Beyond Layers™ is made with the light yet thin and porous high-grade cotton. Now, a preppy modern chic ensemble is surely long-lasting.

Imagine looking at the mirror as you get ready for the day and you just have this feeling like there's something missing. You look for the easiest find maybe throw in a shirt, but it's not flattering enough.

With Beyond Layers™ faux top, you'll look stylishly chic with your layered ensemble. Plus it keeps your bum and belly fat hidden!

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