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Beyond Carrier™

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“I absolutely LOVE this product! I was hesitant but the quality is SO good!! It’s very sturdy and holds my baby well. The shoulder straps and cushions so I can wear it without it hurting my shoulders. I have tried other carriers and this one is by far the best one, not to mention that it’s on the inexpensive side compared to others and you’re not losing quality. Definitely recommend it!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jessel Bates
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Child-rearing is a responsibility that first-time parents and even more experienced ones have to master along the way. Part of parenting infants to toddlers is being able to actively interpret the needs of your child with or without verbal communication. So, a recent study shows that the different developmental stages of a baby require a different carrying position for optimum physical, mental, and emotional growth.

Beyond Carrier™ is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that your child won’t easily outgrow as it quickly adapts to their developmental phases needed from 3 months old to 36-month-old babies. Its ergonomically made support paired with its cotton interlayers ensure comfort for both you and your baby. 



MULTIFUNCTIONAL CARRIER: As a child grows, they also try to acclimatize with the ever-changing environment that’s why it’s crucial that their carriers are modifiable. This SSC has a 6-in-1 carry function that reinforces the four optimum carrier positions: front inward facing, front-outward facing, front leg position, and back position.

LOAD BEARING DISTRIBUTION: To help bear the weight of the baby, the carrier has two main ergonomic support components; the thick shoulder straps to reduce neck and shoulder strain, and the waist support belt that doubles as a hip seat. Its heavy-duty construction allows for a heavier weight range of 7 to 40lb.

SAFETY LOCK: Known as the transitional phase, the front-outward facing position is ideal for hyperactive infants which signals that they’re ready for greater independent interaction with their surroundings. With this stage, the double lock catch safely secures the child as they move more.

SKIN FRIENDLY FABRIC: Nanograde velcro and mesh material protects the baby’s delicate skin and clothes. This helps prevent possible skin irritants that can make them uncomfortable even for a short period of travel. 

4 SEASONS COMPATIBILITY: Aside from its ability to adapt to the different growth phases of a child, it’s also well-suited for seasonal and weather changes. Honeycomb mesh integration offers breathability by isolating the cold wind while the removable wind cap serves as a protection for harsh summers and winters.



We understand the sheer fear and panic of mothers in terms of going about the frailty of newborns especially in terms of proper physical health. Some physical developmental problems like hip dysplasia resolve on their own, so it’s important to use the right tools that regulate each stage of development and growth. Recent studies suggest that carrying babies in the “M” shape lowers the rates of hip dysplasia. 

Ease your child’s transition from active interpretation and communication to independent interactions with Beyond Carrier™’s flexibility. With both older and younger babies in mind, the carrying pack, the lumbar support, and cool mesh are parent and child-friendly. Its sturdy and durable construction is the one and only carrier throughout the years. 




Length: 11 in

Width: 10.2 in


(1) SSC Baby Carrier


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