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Ageless Massage™ (Face + Neck)

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“I’ve been using this, and it feels relaxing. A definite benefit I’ve seen is better serum absorption when paired together with my serums and creams. I’ve been using a hyaluronic acid neck cream to help with the appearance of my deep wrinkles there, and these together seemed to help them look less noticeable. I like how cute this is and how many little features it has as well. It’s fun to use, so I’ll try to keep consistent with it to see how it can help my skin.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Madalyn Hickle
Verified Buyer 

Anti-aging creams take over pharmacies and beauty stores as our need to stop the visible signs of aging increases. These creams are almost always not enough, so others spend thousands of dollars worth of anti-aging treatment. A recent study shows that the non-surgical anti-aging treatment can cost up to $2,330 a session!

Ageless Massage™ revolutionizes portable facial massagers with its fusion of microcurrent technology and color mode repairs. Each massage head is embedded with rejuvenating micro-machines for that youthful glow. Transform your skincare regimen with this dermatologically sound device. 



MAGNETO THERMAL THERAPY: This revolutionary technology accelerates skin absorption of everyone’s favorite skincare product to effectively combat acne, dark spots, and other blemishes. With hands and fingers alone, skin-care products are not effectively applied nor absorbed by the skin.

TRI COLOR REPAIR MODES: Quickly rid of sagging neck and face, puffy eyes, furrow lines, and eye wrinkles with its reparative features. The red, blue, and orange lighting improves skin elasticity and brightening. 

SONIC VIBRATIONS: Relaxing yet effective skin devices cater to everyone’s needs. Ageless Massage™ seamlessly and painlessly transitions from one-speed mode to another: low, medium, and high. 

LONG BATTERY LIFE: An everyday skincare accessory should always be ready for use, just like this facial massager. A single charge can last a week!

We understand the struggle in eliminating and preventing blemishes so that over time we can easily hide the signs of old age. We know that feeling of dread as we gradually notice our wrinkles becoming more apparent and even harder to conceal with simple makeup. Studies show that noticeable wrinkles naturally occur as we get older.

Ageless Massage™ is a state-of-the-art home clinical device for beauty and personal care enthusiasts. Its cream boosting, skin-tightening, brightening capabilities provide you a skin device to last a lifetime. With Ageless Massage™, you can age breathtakingly.


Flat Head Massager:
Height: 7 in
Width: w in

Dolphin Tail Massager:
Height: 5 in
Width: 4 in


(1) Flat Head Massager
(1) Dolphin Tail Massager
(1) Charging Cable


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