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ZooPal Shoes™ Size and FAQ

Foundational Comfort: Our customers enjoy the soft yet firm design of the footwear. ZooPal Shoes™, each step made better than the last.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can my baby wear these with bare feet?

Absolutely yes! Our shoes have a sock-like design so it works perfectly even on bare feet!

Can the shoes fit for babies with short and chubby feet?

Yes, it can! The knitted upper provides flexibility for ample toe wiggle room for all types of feet.

Do the shoes get stinky?

The shoes are breathable and washable to ensure no odor and bacteria build-up. We recommend using the washer and drier in a low-temperature setting for gentle care.

Can the shoes be worn outside?

Yes, it can be! The anti-grip rubber sole allows it to be worn both indoors and outdoors.