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Warm Sole™ Size and FAQ

Premium Comfort Footwear: Our customers enjoy Warm Sole™’s gentle softness, warmth, and safety. Warm Sole™, for the comfortably safe magic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What foot sizes would fit  Warm Sole™?

Our Warm Sole™ is 10 in x 5 in dimensions, but it's free-sized. So every woman can enjoy a velvety warmth every day!

Can Warm Sole™ fit people with wide ankles?

Each Warm Sole™ is made for a snug fit for ALL foot types and sizes and tightly wraps around your ankles so it won’t come off during the day.

Can people with fall risks wear Warm Sole™?

Absolutely yes! Warm Stole™ has slip-proof bottoms to ensure that you can wear it all day in any type of flooring without experiencing any slip and fall-related injuries. It also has slip-on closures for convenience. 

Is Warm Sole™ a kind of thermal socks?

Yes, it is. Warm Sole™ is a thermal warmer with wool-lined interiors for maximum warmth, and comfort.

Can I machine wash Warm Sole™?

Our Warm Sole™ is durable enough to be machined wash and still come off with the wool-lining in tac. It’s a pill-free choice!