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Track Shot™ Size and FAQ

Personal Cameraman: Our customers enjoy hands-free filming and streaming while in motion. Track Shot™, bridging the gap between virtual barriers and content creation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will the lens track movement?

The auto-tracking lens is capable of the following movement at a distance of 16 feet.

How will the lens track two or more subjects?

Powered by a micro AI chip, the lens will track the object or person closest to the camera and occupy a larger area. 

Does the phone holder tilt itself?

To adjust the tilting angle, you need to manually adjust the clip. The phone holder, however, automatically adjusts horizontally. 

Will the lens track me even if I’m facing away from the camera?

Absolutely, yes! The lens track both body and facial movements whether you’re front facing or not. 

Does it work with both Android and IOS phones?

Yes, it does! Since the device is app-free and Bluetooth-free, you can simply place your phone on the holder and record or stream as needed.