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Total Trim™ Size and FAQ

Precise Functionality: Our customers enjoy technological convenience for lifetimes to come. Total Trim™, feel the power of thoughtful design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What else does the Total Trim™ package include?

Each Total Trim™ packages includes: (1) Electric eyebrow trimmer, (1) User manual, (1) Eyebrow comb, (1) Cleaning Brush, (1) Replaceable trimming blade. We want to make sure everyone can fully enjoy the perks of Total Trim™.

Is Total Trim™ rechargeable?

Total Trim™ is currently battery operated. Don’t worry though, you only need a single Triple-A battery to enjoy all the benefits!

Can I use Total Trim™ while in the shower?

Definitely! The body and the blade of Total Trim are both water-resistant, this way you can be rest assured, you can shave anytime, anywhere. 

Do I have to replace Total Trim™’s blades?

No, need. Each Total Trim™ is washable. Simply slide the lock to remove the blade, wash and brush, return and lock. 

Can Total Trim™ recreate eyebrow threading?

Absolutely yes! Total Trim™ is constructed with different blade technology to ensure that you can achieve the perfect eyebrows according to your preference.

Can Total Trim™ be used for the upper-lip?

Our Total Trim™ has flexible dual blades, one for detailed trimming and another for large scale trimming. Now, you can remove hair from areas with delicate skin.